The future CEO has transformed Amazon into

The future CEO wants to transform Amazon into a “giant” cloud computing

After 15 years of working, Mr. Andy Jassy, ​​who will hold the position of the upcoming CEO of Amazon, has made great efforts to make the Amazon e-commerce platform a “giant” in the field of cloud computing.

Mr. Andy Jassy, ​​the future CEO of Amazon, spent 15 years developing the Amazon e-commerce platform into a “giant” in the field of cloud computing. Photo: AFP

Amazon on Feb. 2 announced that Andy Jassy will become the second CEO at the 27-year-old company. Mr. Jassy, ​​53, is currently a member of the senior leadership group called the S-team under billionaire Jeff Bezos.

The future Amazon CEO is leading AWS – a subsidiary of Amazon that specializes in providing on-demand cloud computing platforms for individual customers, corporations and governments.

Billionaire Bezoz has reminded Mr. Jassy as CEO of AWS Company since 2016. By September 2020, an article published on the Washington Post by billionaire Bezoz held, called Jassy “the incumbent successor. course “by Mr. Bezos.

The new Amazon CEO graduated from Harvard University in 1990 and Harvard Business School in 1997. Since then, Mr. Jassy has joined Amazon. Amazon pays Mr. Jassy $ 348,809 in 2019. According to a recent authorization statement from Amazon, Mr. Jassy’s income from the corporation reached $ 19.7 million in 2018 – the year Mr. Jassy received more than 19 million USD in stock interest.

The future CEO currently holds 85,000 Amazon shares with a total value of $ 287.3 million as of the close of the night session 2/2. Mr. Jassy earlier cut 100,000 shares of Amazon stock by 2020.

Jassy’s success stems from its ability to attract businesses and organizations to use AWS products, providing services from the smallest startups to the world’s leading corporations like Apple.

In addition, the CEO of AWS also won major contracts from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). In recent years, AWS contracts have been widely publicized as many Amazon partner businesses such as Pinterest, Slack, Lyft, and Snowflak have launched IPOs and publicized big spending on cloud services.

Since AWS launched cloud services in 2006, the company has focused on cloud services and computing capabilities. Most of these services are intended for small tech companies and groups of developers. As this business grows, many units do not buy servers or develop their own storage solutions, and instead choose to use Amazon services to create the necessary data centers. As a result, before Microsoft zealously developed Azure computing services or Google invested heavily in the cloud platform, AWS, led by Mr. Jassy, ​​had pioneering steps that made competitors unable to outdo it.

By mid-2020, Amazon had 33% share of the global cloud infrastructure services market, followed by Microsoft with 18% and Google with 9%, according to Synergy Research.

Amazon said on Feb. 2 that AWS Subsidiary sales for the fourth quarter of 2020 increased 18% to $ 12.7 billion, while operating profit soared 37% to $ 3.56 billion, accounting for 52% of total profits profit of this corporation.

In recent years, AWS continues to expand its computing and data storage services business with different types of services, from databases, analytics tools, content transfer, and machine learning applications. (machine learning). These moves help Amazon become a direct competitor to fellow software firm Oracle and emerging cloud service providers like Snowflake – which spend tons of money on Amazon each year.

However, in 2017, Mr. Jassy fiercely criticized Oracle for saying that the software company had “locked” customers with long, expensive and “painful” contracts.

“People are very sensitive about being locked into what they’ve been through for 10 to 15 years,” said Jassy at the recent Amazon AWS Summit in San Francisco. “When you look at the cloud, nowhere is locked up like at Oracle,” said the CEO of AWS.

According to the latest announcement from Amazon, Mr. Jassy will succeed Amazon CEO from Mr. Bezoz in the third quarter of 2021 when the US billionaire moves to hold the position of chairman of the corporation. This announcement comes less than 6 months after billionaire Jeff Bezos announced his retirement and found a successor.

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