The Guadarrama National Park, the most visited destination in rural tourism in November

He Sierra de Guadarrama National Park It was the most visited destination in rural tourism last November, with 7,620 overnight stays. It also reached the highest occupancy, 19.1% of the available places. In total, 3,684 residents and 199 foreigners visited the park, with an average stay of 1.96 days.

Throughout Spain, overnight stays in rural tourism show an annual decrease of 80.2% in November, due to the 79.8% drop in stays of residents and the collapse of 82.3% of those of non-residents, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Rural tourism accommodation in Spain occupied 3.6% of the places offered, 72.7% less than in November 2019. The weekend occupancy rate stood at 5.6%, 80.8 percentage points less.

In the case of the Community of Madrid, 200 rural tourism establishments opened their doors with an employed staff of 564 people, for a total of 3,149 estimated places, of which 16.74% occupied. During the weekend, occupancy reached 38.30%.

By communities, the Valencian Community was the preferred destination, with 16,829 overnight stays, 45.8% less than in November 2019, while the Community of Madrid reached the highest occupancy rate, with 16.7% of the available places.

Finally, the overnight stays in hostels in November registered an annual decrease of 83.1%. Those of residents fell by 82.2% and those of non-residents by 84.7%. 7.4% of the places were occupied, 66.4% less than in November 2019. The weekend occupancy rate reached 9.7%, with a decrease of 65.4%.

Andalusia is the preferred destination for staying the night in hostels, with 9,249 overnight stays, 66.4% less, and the Canary Islands reached the highest occupancy, with 45% of the available places. In the case of Madrid, 811 travelers visited hostels in November, including 500 residents in Spain and 311 foreigners, who added 1,491 overnight stays last November.

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