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The hairy mayors of the Republic and Patrick Balkany’s declaration of love. Return on the political news of Monday, February 15, 2021.

Yannick Jadot compares the mayors of France to the hairy people of the First World War.

Invited on BFMTV, Monday February 15, 2021, the MEP for Europe Ecology the Greens, Yannick Jadot reacted to the threats received by the mayor of Trappes Ali Rabeh for having defended his city from the accusations of Islamism raised by the professor of philosophy Didier The mayor.

Yannick Jadot then compared the mayors of France to soldiers in the trenches of the First World War ” The mayor defends his city (…) the mayors are the hairy people of the Republic “. A comparison which shows all the support that the MEP brings to the mayor of Trappes.

Patrick Balkany declares his love for his wife for Valentine’s Day

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the former mayor of Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), Patrick Balkany, decided to declare his love to his wife Isabelle electronically and not just any. The following message could be read on the town’s information boards: “ AT you, Isabelle, happy Valentine’s Day. I love you. Patrick “.

A statement that did not fail to make Internet users laugh and to react to the main interested party who thanked her husband via his Twitter account, love 2.0, “Thank you, my darling, Patrick Balkany, for this lovely ‘declaration’ and thank you to the anonymous Levalloisien who made sure that you send it to me electronically !! “.

Élisabeth Borne announces a three-month extension for assistance to precarious workers

This is good news for the 400,000 precarious workers who benefit from the exceptional aid of 900 euros set up in November by the government. The Minister of Labor, Élisabeth Borne, announced Monday February 15, 2021 that this exceptional aid would be extended for another three months, until the end of May 2021.

The aid began to be paid on February 5, 2021 for the months of November and December 2020, the payments for the month of January will be made between February 21 and 24, 2021.

The defender of rights, Claire Hédon, proposes the experimentation of zones without identity control

The defender of rights, Claire Hédon, proposed Friday, February 12, the experimentation of zone without identity check on French territory. Claire Hédon thus declared to Franceinfo: “ We have been asking for experiments for a while because after a while in some neighborhoods, for some young people, it becomes unbearable. So, can’t we experiment with stopping identity checks: areas without identity checks “.

A proposal widely decried by the police unions who fear the creation of ” lawless areas “. On Twitter, the Synergie-Officiers union protested: ” Excellent idea. The next time the #police will meet a gang on their way to an armed punitive expedition, will they look away? The @Defender of Rights is definitely above ground and lives in a parallel world of sores. #Police “.

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