The health crisis will cost the state more than 160 billion euros

How much is the health crisis? To this complex question, Olivier Dussopt, the Minister of Public Accounts, put forward the figure of 160 to 170 billion euros, which is not final.

The “whatever the cost” hammered out by Emmanuel Macron and by the government since the start of the health crisis is expensive. Asked about the subject in the Senate, Olivier Dussopt put forward a figure between 160 and 170 billion euros, ” between the revenue losses and the expenses we have incurred to face the crisis, whether for the State in terms of spending, for social security in terms of revenue losses linked to the decline in activity », Detailed the Minister of Public Accounts. And he is quick to point out that this is not a definitive number, ” since we are still in an epidemic crisis and a health crisis “.

A crisis that sets in over time

In fact, several support mechanisms – partial unemployment, solidarity funds – are still in place for sectors that are still closed, such as hotels and restaurants, culture and tourism. And then the vaccination campaign follows its course, and it too will be financed: its cost has been estimated at around 5 billion euros. For Olivier Dussopt, all these reasons mean that the government cannot answer the end question of “whatever the cost”. But we must expect a higher cost than the 160 to 170 billion announced.

Expensive support measures

In January, Bercy had calculated that the management of the health crisis and its consequences had represented State commitments to the tune of 42 billion, a figure that does not take into account Social Security and communities. 17.8 billion were spent on short-time working, which represents the most important item, followed by the solidarity fund (12 billion) and support for public enterprises (8 billion).