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As the Covid-19 vaccination campaign stalls, hope for an effective treatment reducing the risk of hospitalization remains. The controversial hydroxychloroquine did not convince, but what about Colchicine? According to a recent study conducted by the Montreal Heart Institute, taking colchicine could reduce the risk of hospitalizations and death in people positive for Covid-19.

Colchicum to the rescue of Covid-19 patients?

Reduce the risk of complications linked to Covid-19 by treating patients as soon as possible and thus reduce the number of hospitalizations. This Quebec study, which announces a ” major scientific discovery “, Revives hope for treatment against Covid-19, at a time when France is preparing to reconfigure itself and collective immunity seems to be receding. In a press release made public on January 23, researchers at the Montreal Heart Institute, Colchicine would be ” the world’s first oral drug that could treat patients in the pre-hospital phase “, Says the ICM in a statement made public last Friday.

This study, conducted in Canada, the United States, Europe, South America and South Africa on 4,488 patients whose diagnosis of COVID-19 was proven by a nasopharyngeal test (PCR), at ” demonstrated that colchicine reduced the risk of death or hospitalization in patients with Covid-19 by 21% compared to placebo, underlines the ICM in its press release.

Unexpected treatment? ” Prescribing Colchicine to Patients Could Help Alleviate Hospital Overcrowding Problems and Lower Government Health System Costs Here and Elsewhere »Argue the researchers. But let’s not get carried away! This drug used to treat patients who test positive for Covid-19 is far from unanimous …

Treatment of Covid-19 with Colchicine: a controversial study

If this Colchicine-based treatment was authorized on January 25 in Greece for example, scientists remain cautious for the moment: these encouraging results put forward by the Quebec study deserve new trials, in particular to analyze more precisely the balance of benefits. -risk, especially on side effects.

This drug, which is not new, is already used to treat gout and pericarditis. Elaborated from extract of colchicum, it belongs to the medicinal family of “spindle poisons” allowing to block cell division, that is to say a substance preventing the formation and the normal functioning of the spindle which appears in the cell at the time of its division.

Colchicine is therefore prescribed under close medical supervision, because ” the therapeutic dose is close to the toxic dose Can be read on the site of the French Network of Pharmacovigilance Centers (RFCRPV). The effects of an overdose can be dramatic: “ Colchicine is a drug with a narrow therapeutic window, which means that any variation of its concentration in your body, however slight, can possibly lead to side effects, potentially serious “And “To date, there is no available antidote for colchicine “. In addition, this drug has many interactions with other drugs still warns the Pharmacovigilance Network.

So, Hydroxychloroquine, Colchicine, same hope and same future on the Covid-19 front? Case to follow!

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