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What if it was possible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 quietly at home, for a few euros? Many French people would be ready to succumb to the temptation to be injected as quickly as possible with the precious vaccine, the doses of which are rare. Calls offering this unexpected service are increasing, but beware: it’s a scam!

The thugs’ imagination has no limit, but the technique is always the same: attacking the most vulnerable.

Covid-19: calls offering vaccines at home

For several days now, by phone (from a number starting with the code 08 as specified by our colleagues from France Bleu), by email or directly by ringing at individuals, vaccine scams have been increasing.

The alert was given by the national police of Indre on January 18: “We are told that elderly people have received a phone call asking them to contact a number, which turns out to be surcharged, in order to register to be vaccinated against covid-19 »Can be read on the France 3 website.

In Cahors, some residents have received an email with the subject line ‘COVID-19 Vaccine’. ” In the body of it, the following text prompts recipients to then click on a malicious link : ‘Hello, it’s the Mayor, I wanted to inform you that the vaccine against Covid-19 is available. More information on the link ‘ »Reports the Dispatch.

Friday, January 29, the prefect of Doubs also called for vigilance in a tweet: ” two vaccination centers reported calls to the prefecture offering individuals to be vaccinated at home against payment (…) It is a scam. (…). The prefect calls for vigilance “.

Vaccine against Covid-19: rare… but free!

The vaccine scam seems to be rampant today across the country, while the vaccination campaign has had a bumpy start. Difficulties in supplying vaccine doses, postponement of appointments, vaccination estimates that range from simple to quintuple: the crooks quickly understood how to take advantage of the worry of the elderly or vulnerable, the main victims of Covid-19.

The prefect of Doubs recalled in his tweet that Vaccination is free and there is no paid home vaccination service “. To get vaccinated, there is only one solution: make an appointment at an approved center, on the santé.fr site or on one of the platforms dedicated to making medical appointments, such as doctolib … and take patience!

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