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The greyhound family is much larger than one might imagine, as many countries have their own species. Hungary is no exception to the rule. The Hungarian Greyhound looks like its peers while being particularly noted for its exceptional flair.

Characteristics of the Hungarian Greyhound

The Hungarian Greyhound is a large dog that measures between 62 and 67 cm if it is a female and between 65 and 70 cm if it is a male with a weight of around 22 to 25 kg. It gives off an impression of strength and stands out for its elegance, good musculature and solid bones. The withers are muscular and well developed, the loins are straight and broad, the back is firm, the chest is rounded and well let down and the belly is slightly raised. The dog sports a wedge-shaped head with a relatively wide base. The skull is more or less strong and has a marked stop. The muzzle is elongated without being excessively pointed while the nose is large with open nostrils. The Hungarian Greyhound wears dark eyes of medium size that express intelligence and liveliness. Its ears are large, set at mid-height and thick. The coat is short and dense. The dress can sport all kinds of colors except brown, blue, blue and white, black and tricolor, black and wolf.

History of the Hungarian Greyhound breed

The Hungarian Greyhound comes from Asian greyhounds that landed in Hungary around the 9th century. According to the story, he also carries the blood of Asian sight hounds as well as local dogs. For many centuries, it keeps almost the same genetic heritage. From the 19th century, a cross with the Greyhound is carried out to make the dog gain speed. This has been done since the Hungarian Greyhound is renowned for its exceptional speed on coursing and cynodrome tracks. He also shines in hunting activities thanks to a remarkable sense of smell. Because of the ban on sight hunting for hares and especially following the world wars, the breed almost died out for good. Fortunately, it was officially recognized by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) in 1971, which allowed it to gain notoriety again in Europe.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Hungarian Greyhound

The Hungarian Greyhound has a unique character. In fact, his personality depends on the education he has received. Luckily, he is an intelligent animal who understands what is expected of him quite easily. The Hungarian Greyhound is perfect for families because of its devotion and loyalty. He is known to be tireless, which is why children will be happy to enjoy his company during play sessions. He is also a shy dog ​​who is suspicious of strangers. He is an excellent goalkeeper. On the other hand, he finds it difficult to endure loneliness and as a greyhound, he is predisposed to sports activities, in particular running. Sports families are therefore well suited.

Diet and main health problems of the Hungarian Greyhound

The Hungarian Greyhound can be affected by certain specific diseases. Eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy are common in this species. Dogs can also develop thyroid disorders. On the diet side, being a candidate for thinness, the Hungarian Greyhound must benefit from an appropriate diet to avoid any form of overweight.

Price of a Hungarian Greyhound dog or puppy

  • Price Hungarian Greyhound male: n / a
  • Price Hungarian Greyhound female: n / a

Photo credit: Kacer