The independents also want to prepare for deconfinement in the best possible conditions

While restaurateurs and traders are preparing for a gradual deconfinement, while employees on short-time work know what their next months will be made of, the self-employed still suffer from a lack of visibility over the coming months:

– How long will the solidarity fund be paid out?
– How will its gradual cessation be orchestrated?
– What support for those who wish to retrain?
– Will social contributions not collected in recent months be subject to
an exemption?
– Will business creators who have not received any aid finally be helped?
These subjects must be the subject of a broad consultation with the professional organizations which are closest to the needs of the self-employed …

In addition, the crisis has revealed a need for deeper evolution.
Social protection for the self-employed has certainly evolved a lot since it was first conceived in the 1950s, but it is no longer suitable.
Unemployment insurance, sickness, maternity, retirement, training, access to housing and loans: a New Deal must be imagined but it cannot be thought of without the self-employed.

This is why Indé opened the platform for national independent consultations, and co-signed the joint forum with the following professional organizations, as well as many personalities:
– The FNAE National Federation of Self-Employed
– ADIE Association for the right to economic initiative
– The SDI Syndicate of Independents
– The CNDI National Coordination of Independents
– The Federation of Showmen of France
– The Association of Freelancers in Events
– The Shiatsu Professionals Union
– UPSE the Union of Solidarity Professionals of Events
– The National Federation of Markets of France
– L’APRES Press Attaché.es Réseau Entraide Syndicat
– The National Union of Communication and Events
– The Association for the Interests of the Liberal Health Professions.