The interior designer: what is his role? What can he bring you?

The interior designer provides services that do not seem to be within the reach of all budgets. Yet whether you are having your house built, renovating it, or just remodeling it, it is a “luxury” that can save you both energy, time and money. Since the main objective of an interior designer is to help you get the interior of your dreams by accompanying you throughout the construction and transformation project by ensuring that you have access to the best products and to the best professionals there is. Its goal is your satisfaction.

What is interior design?

The definition of interior design is the art of optimizing the interior space of a home so that it is both more aesthetic and more comfortable to live in.

What is an interior designer?

An interior designer can offer a one-hour service to help you choose your paint color as well as he can accompany you on the renovation site of your entire house. He is a professional who can help you see more clearly by taking a step back and allows you to concentrate on your planning ideas. Of course, it saves you from mistakes. Which can save you both time and money. In addition, it can bring you new lightings and unique ideas or give you style or decoration suggestions that you did not know or had not thought of. It can also send you addresses and contacts of places or people that you would not have found on your own.

An interior designer plans, researches, coordinates and manages projects which consist of working on the interiors of homes to furnish them as well as possible. It is a “Swiss army knife” profession: starting from scratch, the interior designer is able to create an entire project and generally demonstrates versatility. He is used to projecting himself into space and knows perfectly well sizes, depths, volumes and everything related to proportions. An interior designer must be able to meet your specifications while taking into account space, color, materials, compliance, etc. of your home.

What does an interior designer do?

When he begins your project, the interior designer questions you, asks you what you want. Then he measures, takes notes, and begins to imagine what your space might be like. He uses a layout software that he must master to perfection, to then offer you a visualization of what he imagined. This step allows you to realize what could result from your finalized project. In this sense, the interior designer is a visionary because he is able to imagine the space and create a future environment that you like. His proposals may surprise you because he is used to and can think of solutions that you had not imagined and which will nevertheless delight you. Not only does he know the current trends. But beyond that, an interior designer is a professional capable of bringing you solutions with a lasting, timeless design. The interior designer, by habit knows which material is suitable, he knows its properties. He will be able to tell you whether phonetically it is relevant or whether the use of a particular material is advisable for your health.

An interior designer, much more than a simple decorator

Interior designers don’t just choose furniture, fabrics and wallpapers anymore. Professionally trained interior designers are many architects who have studied design. In addition to their ability to select fabrics, wall coverings, furniture, flooring, window treatments and other accessories, they are experienced in creating space. And offer services such as space planning, the design of kitchens and bathrooms, the creation of custom furniture, the arrangement of your lighting, etc. They are qualified professionals. They are sometimes accredited, approved or certified.

Why call on an interior designer?

It’s a bit like calling on a stylist or an image consultant for the sartorial part! An interior designer can help you find your home style, the mood that suits you and in which you are going to feel good. You can express your personality and who you are very well through the interior of your home. It is not necessarily easy to identify or express your personal style. It is the job of an interior designer to help you discover your unique style and the ways to express it through interior design. The interior designer can help you discover colors, patterns, and rooms that you would like to have in your home or work environment.

You fear that the service of an interior designer will not be within your reach – it is a widespread fear. Tell yourself that there are services that are affordable, and that will save you time and money. The experience and knowledge of a professional will help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. An interior designer can also help you stick to a predetermined budget. Just like a precise timetable. With a professional to whom you have allotted a limited time, you are sure not to overflow and to finish your job on time.

Certain interior designers also have “their entries” in stores or with professionals to which you would not necessarily have had access in normal times. They can thus offer you products that you do not know or that you could not have offered.

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