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Appreciated for its remarkable hunting skills, the Italian Hound is not the most demonstrative breed there is. A bit distant and reserved, he can nevertheless become a good companion provided he has received a good education associated with early socialization.

Characteristics of the Italian Hound

The Italian Hound is an animal of medium size which measures between 50 and 58 cm if it is a female and between 52 and 60 cm if it is a male with a weight ranging between 18 and 28 kg depending on the age, the size and gender. With a body that can be inscribed in a square, it sports a balanced constitution with muscular and lean shapes that sometimes recall those of the Greyhound. The Italian Hound has an elongated head whose skull is ovoid and rather convex in profile. The facies is completed by a slightly marked stop. The eyes are remarkable for their large size, dark ocher color and shine. As for the ears, they are attached to the zygomatic arch, are wide and assert a flat and triangular shape. Their ends end in a sharp point. As its title announces, the Italian Hound has a rough coat, which will differentiate it from its cousin the Italian Short-haired Hound. The standard tolerates unicoloured dresses in fawn tones with white markings on the skull and muzzle for example or two-tone black and tan with only a white star on the chest.

History of the Italian Hound breed

The Italian Hound has ancient origins dating back to Antiquity. It is said that he came from primitive races used since ancient Egypt in the pursuit of game. The existence of frescoes representing the animal and dating from the time of several Egyptian dynasties attests to this presence. In the Vatican and the Museum of Naples, statues bearing the likeness of the dog would even be visible. Its introduction in Italy and on the Mediterranean more generally would be the initiative of Phoenician traders.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Italian Hound

The Italian Hound is “all-terrain”, because it can hunt wild boar, foxes and hares as much, on any type of terrain. He is a tough, tireless sleuth full of energy. It is not really recommended as a pet for children or the elderly because of its demonstrable, distant and proud nature. On the other hand, he is balanced and calm. The Italian Hound isn’t cut out for the city either, let alone apartment living. The animal needs space to let off steam and above all, it must benefit from the maximum amount of exercises. Early education and socialization are essential to coexist more harmoniously with this dog.

Diet and main health problems of the Italian scent

The Italian Hound does not develop any known hereditary or serious pathology. However, if it is used in hunting activities, follow a strict deworming protocol to avoid ticks, fleas and other external parasites. Ears, eyes and coat should be thoroughly inspected regularly after returning from the hunt.

Price of an Italian Hound dog or puppy

  • Price Italian Hound male: n / a
  • Price Female Italian Hound: n / a

Photo credit: Cameracar