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Here is a cat that will crack all felines. In addition to their immaculate white coat which makes them look divine, the Khao Manee is considered a royal breed in Thailand. So many arguments that place him at the top of the podium among the feline species.

Characteristics of Khao Manee

If there is only one thing to remember about the physical appearance of the Khao Manee, it would be her stunning, pure white dress. You would think someone had come from elsewhere. This silky short-haired dress contrasts with the color of her eyes, which also make her reputation. They can be minnows that is, a kind of mixture of yellow and blue, or they can be just yellow or just blue. Specimens with wall eyes are the most popular.

In Thailand and Great Britain, these eyes will even be nicknamed “diamond eyes”. Moreover, the Khao Manee benefits from an oriental-type body: supple, slender, skinny and thin. Females are generally thinner than males. The cat has a slightly triangle-shaped head with rounded, straight ears. In the kitten stage, Khao Manee may have gray hair in their ears.

History of the Khao Manee breed

The Khao Manee has a very interesting history. It is said that this is the fetish breed of the King of Siam, Rama V. He was so crazy about this cat that he did everything to prevent him from going beyond the borders. When the French and English arrived, he therefore gave them Siamese, which he declared as a royal race. He hid the other Khao Manee. Sadly, Thailand failed to preserve the breed that nearly went extinct. Fortunately, a breeding program was started outside Thailand and saved the species. Despite this, the Khao Manee remains a very rare breed. There are very few breeders established in Thailand, the United States, the United Kingdom and France.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of Khao Manee

The Khao Manee is very playful, agile, lively and curious. He appreciates human contact and remains very loyal to his owners. He is affectionate and very attached to his human owners. This is also why it is referred to as a “cat dog”. He will follow you everywhere. As the Khao Manee is endowed with a fine intelligence, his education will be quite easy. He has a lot of traits in common with the Siamese, surely due to the fact that they have the same origins. Thus, like its counterpart, it is very talkative and emits very specific meows.

Food and main health problems in Khao Manee

As it has undergone very few genetic modifications, the Khao Manee is a healthy and resistant cat that is not the victim of any genetic disease or other defects. While white cats tend to be affected by deafness, the Khao Manee is spared it. On the other hand, it is necessary to make sure to clean his eyes which are quite fragile.

As for food, it is advisable to provide premium or organic kibble if possible in order to guarantee the best health.

Price of a Khao Manee cat or kitten

  • Khao Manee male price: € 1,050
  • Khao Manee price female: € 1,100

Photo credit: Soon Koon

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