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Short legs, curved ears, a crisp face, hard to resist the charm of the Kinkalow. This little cat with an original look cannot be confused with any other breed. Perfect as a pet, it is a particularly playful feline that does not miss an opportunity to jump and run around. One thing is certain: with it, children will flourish.

Kinkalow characteristics

The Kinkalow is considered an experimental breed. As such, there is no officially recognized standard that provides more precision on its physique. This is why it is possible to meet subjects with some differences in appearance. For now, we know that the Kinkalow has a relatively long, muscular body, but without being exceptionally and flexible as well. Its tail is thick, elegant and sometimes much longer than the length of the back. This cat is especially recognizable by its short legs that it takes from its parent, namely the Munchkin. Those at the back will be longer than those at the front.

It is also distinguished by its round head with a more or less short neck. Like its other relative, the American Curl, the Kinkalow has ears curved backwards which give it a truly unique look. The end of the ear is turned towards the center of the skull. Be careful, at birth, this breed does not immediately have this physical peculiarity. Curled ears take a few weeks to appear before taking on their final appearance after five months. At the level of the coat, it is possible to meet short-haired or long-haired cats. The dress can be of different patterns and colors.

History of the Kinkalow breed

Unlike most cat breeds, the Kinkalow does not have a thousand-year-old history behind it. It is a rather recent animal since it was born in the 90s under the initiative of the American breeder Terri Harris living in the State of Florida in the United States. This breed faces a major problem: access to international recognition. Experts felt that having short legs was a genetic defect causing dangerous bone deformity. However, in truth, this is not the case since the short-legged gene is a true natural mutation. By having succeeded in proving it, the breeders obtained a first recognition from the TICA which considers the Kinkalow as an experimental breed in 1997.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Kinkalow

So far, it is difficult to come to a conclusion on the true character traits of the Kinkalow given that the breed is very recent. However, breeders agree that it is an affectionate and endearing animal. He is also sociable and can get along very well with all members of his family. In addition, the Kinkalow is an inveterate player making him an excellent companion for children. This veritable ball of energy, always dynamic and playful, possesses the Peter Pan syndrome like the American Curl.

Diet and main health problems of Kinkalow

It is very important to pay attention to the diet of Kinkalow as it can be prone to obesity leading to serious health problems. Moreover, we have no details on the specific diseases linked to this breed.

Price of a Kinkalow cat or kitten

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Photo credit: Kirimiti