The limits of whatever the cost !!! – EconomyMorning

Are there limits to whatever the cost of government?

Yes and no.

In fact, the economy is a convention, a series of agreements and contracts, of rules enacted or written between French people or with our European or global partners.

We are therefore living on an imaginary fiction that it suffices globally to rewrite and replace by another.

In this sense, there is no limit to “whatever the cost”, it suffices to rewrite the rules that are imposed on yourself.

However, to be able to rewrite these rules, it is necessary to have, which is very logical, the freedom of action to do so.

I think everyone will understand easily, that the one who measures 1.90m on the ground can change the rules more easily, because he will be more able to get his change accepted than the little whip of 1.60m …

To put it another way, and when we talk about a State, you have to be sovereign and powerful in order to be able to lay down your own rules.

Some, in their time, even when they were not very powerful, at the head of an imaginary state in London, had a “certain idea of ​​France”.

When we talk about a country, a nation, getting a certain idea of ​​it can be more than enough to make the difference.

Nevertheless, you will have understood the logic.

There is no limit to whatever French costs as long as we get a certain idea of ​​our country.

From the moment we set up European rules in iron law and we go to bed in front of the europathes or our dear friends the Germans, not to mention the Americans whose will to continue the dismantling of industries, especially military, European in general and French in particular, so whatever it costs is very quickly limited by the own channels that our country lets itself pass around the neck.

The sovereignty of France is not an option.

It is an obligation for the well-being of its entire population.

The Europeanist dream of the United States of Europe, which can only take shape after the eradication of nations, will lead us all to disaster, a disaster already largely under way.

We will only be able to tackle this crisis at the national level.

Europe is going through very difficult times, because whatever it costs will be limited by force of circumstances from the moment it puts German finances in danger.

And here we are.

However, “whatever the cost” always has a cost. Always.

There is never a free meal and all economic acts have more or less unpleasant consequences.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !