The Linky meter at the heart of a new scandal

The Linky counter is once again at the heart of the turmoil. The inhabitants of the municipality of Verfeil in Haute-Garonne (Occitanie) saw their electricity bill double in one year. An increase that they attribute to the small green meter, which Enedis disputes

The Linky meter accused of having doubled the bill

An electricity bill that doubles compared to the previous year? For the inhabitants of Verfeil in Haute-Garonne, the culprit is all found. This is a rectangular and apple green individual recently installed by Enedis, the Linky meter. Information disclosed by Toulouse news highlights the anger and dismay of the inhabitants.

Since the installation of Linky meters in the town, residents have seen their electricity bill skyrocket ” more than 800 euros difference between 2019 and 2020 », Emilie confided to Toulouse news. A coincidence which makes the inhabitants think that the green meter is at the origin of this surge in prices, which Enedis firmly denies.

Enedis denies the responsibility of the Linky meter

Questioned by Actu Toulouse, the company Enedis denied any link between the Linky meter and the increase in the bill of the inhabitants of Verfeil. To support the defense of its meter, Enedis recalls that ” The installation of the Linky meter has no influence on the customer’s bill. Billing continues to be established on the basis of the active energy consumed (in kWh) by the customer, as it was with older generation meters. The contract signed with the energy supplier, chosen by the customer, is therefore not called into question by the replacement of the meter. “.

The only culprit for society, confinement, which has forced the French to increase their electricity consumption but also the very cold winter temperatures this winter. Consumers therefore had to pay a higher bill than initially estimated.

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