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The greyhound family is much larger than one might imagine. It includes among others the Lurcher which is a breed from Great Britain with different physical characteristics given the lack of standard. Meet this dog like no other.

Lurcher characteristics

The Lurcher comes from a mixed heritage, which explains its very varied appearance. It is quite rare to find two perfectly identical Lurchers. Moreover, it is for this reason that there is still no standard setting its real physical specificities. However, there are some elements that allow him to be recognized, starting with his marked musculature and his long limbs which help him gain endurance and speed. The Lurcher has a narrow and relatively long head and muzzle, as in most greyhounds. He has large, unobstructed eyes which are more or less widely spaced. The ears on their side are semi-straight and triangular, although it also happens to meet dogs with slightly hanging ears. At the tail, it is thin and long. A Lurcher measures on average between 55 and 71 cm and weighs between 27 to 32 kg. His measurements depend on his gender as well as his age. Like the Greyhound which is its main parent, this dog can have short hair although some subjects sport a thin and long coat. The coat varies from blue, brindle, gray, through fawn, white or black. The presence of white marks is tolerated and even recommended.

History of the Lurcher breed

The Lurcher is a particularly ancient breed that has existed in Britain since the 14th century. Until the 16th century, the hunting greyhound was very popular with the nobility and only people of high rank were allowed to own such a breed. As the peasants at the time needed efficient hunting dogs, they then crossed greyhounds with hunting dogs, terriers or even shepherds. This hybridization has continued until today, certainly explaining the lack of international recognition for this breed. The Lurcher can come from Greyhounds, Whippets or even Salukis. But traditionally he carries the blood of Greyhound, Terrier and Collie.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Lurcher

Given its origins as greyhounds, the Lurcher is a very active dog who needs a lot of physical exercise. Sitting on the couch all day is clearly not a life for him. It is necessary to take her for shopping or at least for a walk every day. This dog has several qualities. He is considered calm and affectionate in the home and gets along with children. He needs to be extremely well socialized before welcoming other animals into the family, as his hunting instincts can take over.

Diet and main health problems of the Lurcher

Robust by nature, the Lurcher can nevertheless suffer from certain pathologies such as stomach torsion. It is important to ensure medical follow-up if he practices activities such as running or hunting because of the injuries he may suffer.

Price of a Lurcher dog or puppy

  • Male Lurcher price: nc
  • Female Lurcher Prize: nc

Photo credit: Marilyn Jane