The Macron Prime resuscitated for all in 2021

With the bonus that bears his name, has Emmanuel Macron created a device that French employees can no longer do without? And that the government will come out all the time? The future will tell. But in any case, and for the third consecutive year, the Prime Macron will be very topical in France.

The Macron Prime for everyone and especially for “second line” employees

Jean Castex, Prime Minister, gave some details on what was discussed and potentially concluded during the 3rd social dialogue conference, Monday March 15, 2021. The most important information is undoubtedly the return of the Prime Macron, this time “for all”, he clarified.

This is therefore the third year that the Macron Prime is topical in France: created in 2019 to respond to the Yellow Vests crisis, it had been maintained for frontline employees in 2020 in order to thank them for helping to manage the health crisis. In 2021, therefore, all employees will be affected.

Second-line workers should of course be the privileged beneficiaries. », Declared the Prime Minister. A way of telling companies that they should favor low wages than senior executives, for this bonus. But will this be the case?

The Macron Prime can be doubled

In the amount of 1,000 euros, totally tax-exempt and exempt from social charges, the Prime Macron even offers itself the luxury of being doubled for some. Companies that will have “ concluded a profit-sharing agreement by the end of the year ” or ” open negotiations on the valuation of the trades concerned Will therefore have a doubled envelope for this bonus. Which means that the government is hoping for a major success for the device.

Medef already warns that it will be a failure

Strongly opposed to the idea of ​​giving more money to employees, the Medef, in the process, warned the government: the Prime Macron 2021 edition will be a “ disillusionment »For employees. Companies have had their worst year and many will struggle to pay it “. However, the employers also welcomed the fact that the bonus was ” universal “.

As for the unions, the same story goes: “ as long as it is not obligatory, it is at the good will of the employers and for the moment it is a bad willr ”, declared the general secretary of the CGT Philippe Martinez.