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The middle classes at 4,000 euros and Olivier Véran vaccinated. Return on the political news of Monday February 8, 2021.

François Bayrou believes that ” 4.000 euros, it’s the middle classes

The High Commissioner for Planning, François Bayrou joins the list of politicians who have lost their sense of reality. Guest Sunday February 7 on RTL, François Bayrou estimated that a Frenchman who earned 4,000 euros per month belonged to the middle class. Remember that the French minimum wage is 1,554.58 euros gross per month.

A false statement, since a Frenchman who earns 4,000 euros per month is part of the 10% of the highest salaries. François Bayrou has therefore drawn the wrath of the left. The Communist Party was particularly keen to remind him that “ the median salary in France is 1,789 euros. Half of the employees do not earn this amount “.

Olivier Véran has been vaccinated against Covid-19

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran received Monday February 8, 2021 a first dose of the Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine. In a center in Melun, the minister was vaccinated because he belongs to the class of caregivers.

Olivier Véran took advantage of his vaccine to joke with the nurse who vaccinated him ” Go ahead go ahead, you tell me when you prick me? »To which the nurse replies« Ah well I’m already there “. The minister thanked her while getting dressed “ Super fast, nothing felt. You have been wonderful “.

Roselyne Bachelot says cultural venues would soon reopen

Faced with criticism from professionals in the cultural sector, the Minister of Culture Roselyne Bachelot has promised a reopening of museums and monuments in the coming weeks, for theaters and cinemas, we will have to wait a little longer. Guest, Monday February 8, 2021 on BFM, Roselyne declared ” I always said that in this calendar, museums and monuments would be the first to be called upon to reopen »Adding« when we have a recession Epidemic, it will be possible.

For the moment, the minister does not advance any date ” I understand people who ask me for dates. As soon as there is a possibility we do it “And specifies that these announcements do not yet concern cinemas and theaters” we are not there on cinemas and shows “.

Anne Hidalgo compares the vélibs and the vaccination campaign

The mayor of Paris is once again attacking the government’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign. After comparing it to the landing of June 1944, Anne Hidalgo compares the number of French people vaccinated with that of users of vélibs.

Guest of France Info, Monday February 8, 2021, Anne Hidalgo declared: ” I would point out that the vélib today has many more subscribers than perhaps vaccinated “.

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