The Nestlé group launches a vegan version of its KitKat

The Swiss food group, Nestlé, is launching a new version of its famous KitKat chocolate bar. This new version called KitKat V as vegan will no longer present traces of ingredients of animal origin.

A vegan version of the KitKat bar …

A new version of the KitKat candy bar will soon be hitting store shelves. The group announced that it would launch a vegan KitKat bar, that is to say a bar without ingredients of animal origin, such as milk for example. The KitKat V will have a different packaging than the original bar. If the red and white KitKat logo remains present, green is invited to the party in the form of vegetation and a red V on a white background means that this is the chocolate bar version vegan.

Don’t panic, only the packaging will be different. Nestlé promises that the taste and even the texture of the original KitKat have been preserved by the team of chocolatiers in charge of the project, despite the absence of milk. To back up its promise, Nestlé adds that the product has been tested and approved by a panel of consumers.

… At the request of certain consumers

The decision to create a plant-based KitKat bar meets the demand of certain consumers. Nestlé explains in a press release that on social networks, some consumers who have chosen a vegan diet regretted not being able to eat certain chocolate bars, including KitKat. So, Nestlé wanted to develop a ” product for those who want a little more plants in their life “.

This new range of KitKat also responds to a changing market as Alexander von Maillot, head of confectionery at Nestlé explains: “ There is a silent food revolution going on that is changing the way people eat. We want to be at the forefront of this, championing the discovery of plant-based foods and drinks. “.

For now, the new bar will only be available in Britain before launching in other countries during the year. However, Neslté has yet to unveil an official schedule.

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