The new health protocol simplified at school worries the unions – teller report

If the school protocol has been strengthened in the school environment in the event of contamination with the Brazilian and South African variants, the protocol has been lightened as regards the British variant. A decision ” irresponsible Which worries the unions.

The English variant will no longer result in the closure of a primary or secondary class

The new measures of the health protocol in schools announced Friday, February 12, 2021, came into force on Monday, February 15, 2021. Among them, a measure that made the education unions jump. If the new protocol is reinforced for cases of contaminations with Brazilian and South African variants, this is not the case for the British variant. Thus, any case of contamination with Brazilian and / or South African variants will result in the closure of the class concerned and potentially of the establishment as a whole.

With regard to cases of British variant contamination, the situation has also evolved. Up to now placed in the same boat as the other variants, cases of contaminations with the British variant will no longer result in the closure of the class concerned at elementary level, college and high school. Kindergarten classes will continue to close, since children do not wear masks. A decision that provokes the ire of teachers’ unions.

“An incomprehensible and irresponsible decision”

The teaching unions are in the misunderstanding in front of this measure which goes in the direction of the relaxation. The National Union of Secondary Education (SNES-FSU) denounced on Twitter this government decision ” The Ministry of National Education breaks the thermometer when the fever rises. An incomprehensible and irresponsible decision “.

Same reaction from the side of SNUIpp-FSU which in a press release protests against this choice made in the greatest secrecy. ” As the epidemic reaches a critical threshold, the ministry secretly relaxes the health protocol. (…) Contamination in schools is increasing and this reduction of the protocol will increase the circulation of the virus in schools and families “.

Friday February 12, 2021, the situation of the closure of schools highlighted a 71% increase in closures compared to the previous week. An increase that questions the unions on the choice made by the government to relax the protocol. The SNES-FSU union recalls: “ A health protocol is not used to produce numbers to embellish a balance sheet, but to protect adults and students “.

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