The night sector in disarray

The night sector is sounding the alarm. Deprived of horizon and without a roadmap for their reopening, the discotheques demand from the government greater flexibility to be able to exercise an activity, if only to avoid problems of public order.

Bars, cafes and restaurants will be able to reopen their terraces on May 19, then the restrictions will be lifted until June 30 when normal activity can be resumed. None of this for the nightlife sector: the nightclubs, closed for months, have still not obtained a roadmap for their reopening. Jean-Roch, nightclub owner and figure in the middle, deplores the situation in The Parisian. He denounces a ” total injustice “.

Problem of maintaining public order

According to the leader, “ since the start of the epidemic, we have remained closed: we are the most penalized and the most ignored “. The sector nevertheless represents ” tens of thousands of employees “. Jean-Roch also uses an argument that seems to bear with the government: with nightclubs still closed, the risk is great that wild parties will multiply, a source of public order disturbances. Bruno Le Maire was not insensitive to it. In front of the cameras LCI, the Minister of the Economy has ” heard the arguments of professionals on the risk of seeing wild gatherings and on the possibility of opening the places in the open air “.

Reinforced help

But the tenant of Bercy did not give more details. He simply recalled the meeting fixed in mid-June with the sector in order to discuss the possibilities of reopening. In the meantime, operators can still get more help, especially for fixed costs. The public authorities cover up to 70% of the fixed costs of companies with more than 50 employees (90% for those with less than 50 employees), with a ceiling of 10 million euros per year.