The number of ATMs down in 2020

France has fewer and fewer ATMs. A trend that is strengthening year by year, while electronic payments have exploded in favor of the health crisis.

Are ATMs on the verge of disappearing completely from the urban landscape? Not quite: according to the annual report of the Banque de France, the number of ATMs has certainly declined in 2020, but less than in previous years. Metropolitan France thus had 48,710 distributors at the end of 2020, or 1,610 less compared to the previous year. The decline is most pronounced in towns with more than 10,000 inhabitants: -3.6%. Villages follow with a 2.8% drop in the number of ATMs, followed by towns with fewer than 5,000 inhabitants (-2.3%). The decrease is therefore concentrated on the most populated and best equipped cities, notes the Banque de France. This reflects “ optimization of existing installations in the best equipped areas “.

More than 50% of municipalities without a distributor

The number of private access points dedicated only to customers of a network, has also fallen from one year to the next, but in a less pronounced way than the ATMs: -1.5%, with 25,145 points (-391). The Banque de France indicates, however, that the health crisis may have complicated the identification of these private points, “businesses having experienced administrative closures during several parts of the year”. 56.6% of municipalities have neither ATM nor private point, while 18.7% of them (or 6,545) have at least one ATM on their territory. In 2020, 27 municipalities lost their access to a distributor, in addition to 25 municipalities which lost this access but gained ” at least one private access point “.

The rise of electronic payment

Despite a decline in the number of ATMs (less marked than in previous years), the Banque de France is pleased to maintain “ a very good level »Accessibility to tickets in mainland France. Will it last? The pandemic has allowed electronic payments (bank cards, online payment or even with a smartphone) to prevail among the French. A strong trend that will not disappear, quite the contrary. In this context, vending machines could be phased out in a few years.