The online bedding market boosted by the Covid

Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic and the succession of different confinements, the French have turned more to online commerce. High-end mattresses sold online have also seen an increase in sales, as have mattress toppers which offer incomparable comfort.

The acclaimed mattress toppers

Mattress toppers are increasingly popular in France. They have the advantage of protecting the bed from dirt and offering hotel comfort. In addition, the mattress topper provides a soft and more comfortable side. Firm mattress toppers can also relieve back pain while maintaining spine support.

To appreciate this comfort, it is preferable to choose a mattress topper of at least 4 cm. Note that a too thick mattress over 8 cm may, on the contrary, be too soft for sleep. The French sleep leader Drouault also offers quality mattresses made in France as well as mattress toppers.

The online bedding market is on the rise

It’s not just mattress toppers that are in demand. In recent years, the entire online bedding market has seen an increase in sales. The Covid-19 has accelerated the phenomenon allowing online bedding start-ups to flourish. With a turnover of around 1.5 billion euros, the mattress market is not experiencing the crisis.

The French wishing to improve their comfort in terms of bedding no longer hesitate to invest in their bedding. While many still went to the store several years ago, it is now possible to directly compare different mattresses in a few clicks and to know their composition (foam, natural cotton, latex, anti-mites, firmness, etc.). With lower logistics costs, prices are also more attractive than in stores.