The perfect after-dinner with Cardhu whiskey and small bites from the Pan.Delirio workshop.

This Christmas we have appreciated the little moments of happiness better than ever. Those simple experiences, with the people we love, to whom so many things we are going to tell after months without seeing each other. These are days of long after-dinner meals, the kind in which memories of the past are mixed with plans for the future. For those more intimate moments we also choose the distillate and the food that we want to accompany us.

In those moments we prefer to enjoy authentic flavors and history. That is why nothing better than to do it with a perfect combination, the one formed by the exclusive Cardhu Scotch whiskey and the small bites of roscón, known as delirios, from the artisan workshop Pan Delirio. Both brands launch this Christmas a special pack that includes a bottle of Cardhu 12 or 15 (to choose) and a box of the famous delusions. The culture of the two firms is reflected in this gift, always pursuing artisan experience and dedication. Cardhu’s distillation process is slow and careful, achieving a sweet taste with hints of fruit. In Pan Delirio. the passion of father and son for gastronomy is always present.

“We know that Cardhu and our delusions will become the perfect excuse to enjoy a special after-dinner because they are destined to be shared and enjoyed with the people who truly matter,” says Javier Cocheteux Jr. According to Javier Cocheteux Sr., the combination of delusions with a sip of Speyside whiskey alone or “on the rocks” fuses flavors and aromas that pair perfectly. Cardhu, the malt present in the most special moments generation after generation, adds to the little Christmas sweets “nuances that make their flavor exceptional”.

The pack is available on the Pan Delirio website. and in all its points of sale in Madrid (Juan Bravo 21, Professor Waksman 8, Naranjo 7 and in the new Gourmet Experience of El Corte Inglés Castellana) in two options: the pack of a bottle of Cardhu 12, with a mild and sweet flavor with notes of pear and fruity echoes, and six delusions, (at a price of € 31.99) and the pack of a bottle of Cardhu 15, with delicate and fresh aromas, and notes of fresh fruit, and six delusions, at a price of € 52.99.

Stories of overcoming

The history of what is considered Scotland’s first distillery is strongly linked to the generosity of two women ahead of their time: Helen Cumming, who became the world’s first woman in charge of a whiskey distillery, and her daughter-in-law Elizabeth, who took over the brand in 1872 and brought Cardhu to every corner of the globe thanks to his business skills. The Cumming family, who owned Cardhu for several generations, were the main drivers of the whiskey market until Speyside became one of the main producing areas of Single Malt. In 1893 Elizabeth and her son John Fleetwood Cumming decided to sell the company to John Walker & Sons. Cardhu thus became the first whiskey distillery of this firm.

The story of Pan Delirio. It is more recent but it is also born from the work and effort of a family, the Cocheteux. Father and son, in addition to sharing the same name, Javier, shared the dream, or delirium, of creating the best roscón de reyes in the world. They decided to put everything aside to offer their customers the roscón that they make every year at home, as a family, for Christmas. A product loaded with positive emotions that transmits togetherness, family, friends, illusion, Christmas, gifts, sharing … everything from the first bite. A whole story full of effort, improvement, and dedication that has had its fruits when it became the Best Gastronomic Store 2020 in the Community of Madrid and obtained the award for the Best Artisan Roscón 2020 in the Community of Madrid.

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