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Newbies tend to have difficulty differentiating between Donskoy, Peterbald, and Sphynx. These three breeds have the particularity of not having hair. The Peterbald stands out above all for its dynamism. A real stack according to breed experts.

Features of Peterbald

The Peterbald has an Oriental type body. It has an elongated, slender body, full of finesse on which thin and long legs develop. He is a slender, muscular cat who, although he looks slender, is rather dense when lifting him. It has a long, triangular head. The lack of pinch at the nose makes its difference. The Peterbald reveals almond shaped eyes of medium size.

The color is variable and can be green or blue. The ears are large, open at the base and contrast with the small head. And what about her dress: the Peterbald comes in three varieties. The first is marked by a total absence of hair, revealing a supple and smooth skin. Then there are the velvet-type varieties on which we notice a little down. Finally, the “brush” variety reveals a short, hard and slightly curly hair. The standard admits all dresses colourpoint and traditional.

The Peterbald has an Oriental type body

History of the Peterbald breed

Peterbald has its origins in Russia, more precisely in Saint Petersburg. He was born at the instigation of Olga S. Mironova in 1994. The latter mated a short-haired Oriental female with a Donskoy. The kittens obtained represent the first specimens of the breed. Gradually, marriages between the Donskoys and the Orientals were no longer allowed. Instead, the Siamese was used. Note that the standard allows both a marriage between a Peterbald and a Siamese, as between a Peterbald and an Oriental or two Peterbald between them. In 1996, the first standard was made official. In 1997, the breed will be recognized by the TICA (The International Cat Association) then by the World Cat Federation in 2003.

Peterbald has its origins in Russia

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Peterbald

Please note, the Peterbald is not an outdoor cat. He finds it difficult to endure the extreme cold and the sun because of the fragility of his skin. It is therefore advisable to offer it a cozy cocoon indoors. Otherwise, it is a cat with a very special character. He loves his master above all. The truth is that we can even say that he only lives for himself. Besides being loyal and dedicated, the Peterbald is a real ball of energy. People looking for a calm pet will have to go their way. This cat must have several toys available, and time must also be found to play with him.

Peterbald kitten

Diet and main health problems of Peterbald

The Peterbald tends to sweat a lot. A regular bath will then be necessary. Either way, he’ll enjoy wading in the water. In addition, the cat is also predisposed to progressive retinal atrophy. Screenings should be done as early as possible to identify the disease. Moreover, this is a rather robust breed. Since the cat is rather active, it is better to plan a caloric diet, without excess of course to avoid overweight and other health concerns.

Price of a Peterbald cat or kitten

  • Male Peterbald price: € 1,250
  • Peterbald price female: € 1,050

Photo credits: Tashikicky n ° 1, n ° 2, n ° 4 – Soon Koon n ° 3