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He resembles the Greyhound with his slender body, thinness and pointed muzzle. Rather than indulge in running, he initially specialized in rabbit hunting. Today, he is chosen as a pet, a bit fiery, but faithful and loving. Discover the major specificities of this extraordinary breed.

Characteristics of Podenco canario

The extreme thinness of the Podenco canario gives the impression that it is a frail and fragile dog. But don’t be fooled by this unusual physique. This dog stands out for his extreme resistance and will not balk at the toughest tasks. With a slender, slender and light body, it has an average size ranging from 53 to 60 cm in females and 55 to 64 cm in males. The skeleton is visible while the musculature is marked. The fact that it is devoid of fat makes the bones and spine visible. The Podenco canario can be recognized by its head in the shape of a truncated cone which is relatively elongated. The skull is flattened and long while being accompanied by a slightly accentuated stop. The muzzle is broad as is the nose with open nostrils. The eyes are almond shaped and are small. They reveal a pretty amber color. The ears for their part are triangular, large, open and pointed. The dog wears a tight, short coat that is red, red and white, dark red, or orange.

History of the Podenco canario breed

Coming from the Canary Islands more particularly from Tenerife and Gran Canaria, this breed of Iberian origin is part of the great Spitz family. Primitive dog, he has particularly ancient origins since we speak of his ancestors for 7000 years in Egypt. These are animals with an important place in Egyptian civilization and represented on many frescoes of pharaohs as well as on ancient statues and engravings. It is said that they were introduced to the Canary Islands by the Carthaginians, Greeks, Phoenicians or even Egyptians. This breed will come in different variants depending on the country where it evolves: in Sicily, it is known under the name of Cinerco de l’Etna while in Malta, it is the Pharaoh’s dog. In the Balearics, it is called Podenco ibicenco.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Podenco canario

The Podenco canario has a very good character. He is gentle, patient and sensitive with children and can become a kind and loving life companion. He likes to play games with them. He is also a dog devoid of any form of aggression although he shows mistrust towards strangers. As he has strong stamina and boundless energy, he cannot live with sedentary masters. Another quality of the Podenco canario: he is obedient and his education will then be easy.

Diet and main health problems of Podenco canario

Podenco canario is not subject to any genetic pathology. It is a robust animal, but in order for it to reach 12 to 15 years, which corresponds to its life expectancy, it must have a diet compatible with its lifestyle.

Price of a Podenco canario dog or puppy

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