The problem of the existence of the National Front and the material endowment of deputies. The 6 p.m. of February 3, 2021 from – EconomieMatin

The problem of the existence of the National Front and the material endowment of deputies. Return on the political news of Wednesday February 3, 2021.

Gérald Darmanin and the problem of the existence of the National Front

The Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin left the road in front of the deputies on Wednesday February 3. The minister referred to an amendment proposed by the National Front as part of the bill on respect for the principles of the Republic. Gérald Darmanin then not very subtly insinuated that if the amendment in question was adopted, the Front National would have difficulty in surviving it.

Anyone who denies a genocide who denies an extermination in history, must be dissolved, the National Front would have some problems of existence “. National Front ? Simple error of the minister or the latter covers up so as not to be accused of having mentioned a possible dissolution of the National Rally.

Eric Ciotti assumes the increase in the material endowment of deputies

The three Quaestors of the National Assembly in charge of the budget, Eric Ciotti, Florian Bachelier and Laurianne Rossi assume the 15% increase in the material endowment of deputies. In the midst of a health and economic crisis, the latter increases by 236 euros per month for an annual total of 21,700 euros. An increase strongly criticized even among deputies. Three LREM deputies from Var, Sereine Mauborgne, Cécile Muschotti and Valérie Gomez-Bassac, particularly deplored such an increase in the midst of a national and global crisis.

For the LR deputy and quaestor Eric Ciotti, the controversy is purely “demagogic”. The deputy for Alpes-Maritime fully assumes the decision of the quaestors and explains it precisely by the Covid-19 crisis. ” With the crisis and teleworking, many deputies have seen their IT and postage expenses increase. This is why we have chosen to increase their maximum potential package by € 236 per month, thanks to significant management savings that have been made elsewhere. ”In addition, Eric Ciotti recalls that this envelope is a ceiling which is not necessarily entirely spent each year by its holder.

Emmanuel Macron promises that all adults who wish will be vaccinated before the summer

The President of the Republic returned to the French vaccination campaign on Tuesday, February 2, 2021e, promising that all adults who wish will be vaccinated before the summer. A promise that comes as the country struggles to have the necessary doses of vaccine delivered by laboratories.

Emmanuel Macron, however, wants to be reassuring and reminds that this deadline is achievable since ” We will have sites in France that will produce the vaccine. We will have four from the end of February-beginning of March and over the following weeks and months which will gradually open up and produce.

Ségolène Royal wants to become a senator

The former presidential candidate Ségolène Royal is launching a new challenge: to become a senator. Without abandoning her presidential objective, Ségolène Royal wishes to join the Senate by becoming representative of French people living outside France.

Questioned by the newspaper Release, the budding senator confides in her project: ” I was thinking about it, but last September the elections were postponed for a year. I had been approached by many French people abroad. I liked it “. However, her candidacy will not be under the banner of the Socialist Party, although she confirms that if she integrates the Luxembourgish language, she will sit alongside the Socialists.

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