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The professionals of the demonstration and the school of Pink Floyd. Return on the political news of Monday, March 29, 2021.

François de Rugy has had enough of ” demo professionals

LREM deputy François de Rugy and former Minister of Ecology, returned in an interview with France Info on the incessant opposition of which the government and Emmanuel Macron are systematically victims on the subjects of ecology. While the Climate Bill is under consideration in the National Assembly, 500 organizations, associations and unions have called for demonstrations on Sunday March 28, 2021 against this project.

A call for the demonstration which made François de Rugy react strongly: ” I’ve had enough of these professionals from the demo, it’s actually a political opposition and it’s a bit of a systematic opposition “Which adds:” We have the impression that whatever the President of the Republic, the government or the deputies does, it will never be enough in terms of ecology “.

Jean-Michel Blanquer shares a parody of Pink Floyd

The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, shared on Sunday March 28, 2021, via his Twitter account, an American video parodying the famous Pink Floyd song, Another Brick In The Wall. The parody entitled Another Window on Zoom, in French, Another Window on Zoom, calls for the reopening of schools. One way for the minister to continue to support keeping schools open.

The choice of the title of Pink Floyd is not trivial, since it denounces a sanitized and conformist education highlighting its robotic side. A vision taken up by the authors and singers of this recovery who denounce the distance education which loosens the child. An initiative that did not necessarily please the American at the origin of the clip. Ifat Orgad responded via Twitter to Jean-Michel Blanquer: “ I am very happy that Monsieur Blanquer enjoyed my song. However, it is based on the situation I live in in California, where our teachers are already vaccinated. It’s very different from the situation in France ”.

Marine Le Pen wishes schools to close

Guest on the set of Dimanche en politique on France 3, Sunday March 28, 2021, the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen called on the government to close the schools, considering that the health situation no longer allowed them to be opened. ” In the current situation, we cannot do otherwise.

Marine Le Pen believes that we must take the problem upstream. ” Might as well advance the date of the holidays perhaps to create a form of crawl space, rather than waiting for class after class to close “. Coming back to the government’s vaccination strategy, the presidential candidate described the president’s management of the crisis as a debacle and the choice not to have teachers vaccinated as a mistake.

Marlène Schiappa believes that a bet of the PS is “in the wake of indigenous ideas”

Marlène Schiappa returned to RTL on Monday March 29, 2021 on the controversy surrounding Audrey Pulvar. Audrey Pulvar had estimated Saturday, March 27, 2021, that white people had the duty to “be silent” during meetings dedicated to victims of racism. An exit strongly criticized by the right but also not Marlène Schiappa who estimated : ” The Republic is one and indivisible. Citizenship is a set of rights and duties that do not vary according to the color of the skin. “.

It seems to me that Audrey Pulvar, part of UNEF, part of the Socialist Party, are following indigenous ideas by wishing to qualify people according to their skin color. Marlene Schiappa said.

The minister also returned to the Strasbourg mosque affair. Despite Julien Bayou’s express request and the filing of a complaint against him for defamation, the Minister for Citizenship persists and signs once again estimating that “EELV is complacent with radical Islamism”