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The project manager: what is his function, at what cost?

That’s it, it’s decided, you are embarking on the construction of your house! However, before moving into your future cozy nest, you must prepare your project so that everything goes without a hitch. Only here, where to start? How to find the artisans to build your house? And finally, how to follow the evolution of your site? Don’t panic, the project manager is there for you.

Let’s see who he is and the support he offers.

Definition of the project manager: what is his function?

The project manager is a person responsible for monitoring the progress of your construction or renovation project (extension of part of your home for example).

They can be independent or work in a technical design office.

As a general rule, the function of project manager is performed by an architect, a promoter or the building company that will carry out your work.

The project manager can intervene upstream of your project, that is to say before the start of the work, to support you as well as possible.

Thus, if the latter is an architect, he participates in:

  • the realization of plans for your future home, whether for construction or renovation;
  • the filing of the building permit with the competent administration.

Following this, the project manager, regardless of his professional field, will take charge of the total management of your project. Consequently, the project manager is required:

  • analyze the costs and time of the work
  • to find the craftsmen or companies of the various trades who will participate in the realization of the site;
  • to follow the progress of the site in order to ensure that deadlines are respected;
  • organize site monitoring meetings with you and the craftsmen;
  • to control the quality and the respect of the specifications before the delivery of the site with handing over of the keys.

In conclusion, the project manager is an important player in the building sector, whether for construction or renovation work. He is the conductor of your project so that it comes true without a false note.

Is it compulsory to go through a project manager?

By law, the intervention of a project manager for construction or renovation work is not compulsory. If you want to manage the development of your project yourself and ensure coordination between the different craftsmen, it is quite possible.

On the other hand, the law is very clear on one point: since March 2017, if the floor of your future accommodation exceeds 150 m², the intervention of an architect is mandatory.

Important point : It is not because you call on an architect to draw up your house plans that you are obliged to sign a project management contract with him. It’s up to you. Note on the other hand that, although this has a cost, being accompanied by a project manager on a construction project offers significant comfort and allows you to be more serene about the monitoring of the site.

What is the cost of the intervention of a project manager?

The main contractor acts after the conclusion of a contract. Although not regulated, it must be clear, precise about the services offered and the documents it must provide, particularly from an insurance point of view. Indeed, as project manager, the latter must have in his possession:

  • civil liability: in the event of bodily injury or material damage that could be caused to a person as a result of construction work;
  • a ten-year guarantee: in the event of damage or poor workmanship observed on the construction or extension work, after delivery of the keys to the accommodation.

Thus, on the contract presented by the project manager, it will be necessary to show:

  • the services to be performed;
  • quotes from the various craftspeople or companies contacted;
  • a timetable on the supposed progress of the work;
  • the fees of the project manager as well as the amount of work carried out by the contractors.

The fees of the project manager are not regulated. From one cabinet to another, the amount differs. However, it can be mentioned that the fees most often correspond to a percentage of the overall amount of the construction or renovation project.

On average, the percentage used is between 6 and 12% of the total amount of the work, depending on whether the mission has been carried out since the start of the project or only for the management of the site and the works.

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