The protein requirements in the cat’s diet

The little feline should benefit from a balanced diet for good health. We know that the cat has high protein requirements of the order of three times higher than those of its master. This does not mean, however, that he should only be given meat products. But one thing is certain, he must eat meat or fish every day. Let’s take stock of the place of proteins in the diet of kitties which has (and still is) largely underestimated by many masters.

Proteins: essential for the cat’s body

A cat must imperatively receive a sufficiently high protein diet because they are essential to his body for many reasons.

  • Produce energy,
  • Provide a good nitrogen supply,
  • Maintain the health of the urinary system by reducing the risk of urinary stones and inflammation of the bladder (cystitis),
  • Allow the cat to have a beautiful coat,
  • Help the skin to stay healthy,
  • Contribute to the strength of the claws,
  • Preserve muscle mass because they limit muscle wasting,
  • Strengthen the immune system,
  • Promote the digestion of carbohydrates which, consequently, helps stabilize blood sugar levels,
  • Allow better weight control,
  • Participate in the growth of the kitten,
  • Are very useful for pregnant or lactating cats, older cats, and more generally for all cats, male or female, regardless of their age.

In addition, the cat who receives daily a diet well supplied in protein is less exposed to the risks of fatigue.

Covering the cat’s protein needs: which foods to choose?

The total daily energy intake of an adult cat must be composed of 40% protein in order to cover its needs in essential amino acids. Proteins of plant origin can be given to the animal, but these do not contain taurine which the organism of the little feline absolutely needs to function properly. The role of taurine is to absorb lipids (fats). It therefore avoids the risk of dilated cardiomyopathy and promotes, among other things, digestion.

It also imperatively needs a sufficient supply of arginine to be better protected against respiratory disorders. Even if it can be provided by buckwheat, some legumes or even brown rice, it is found in an interesting proportion in:

  • Fish,
  • Poultry,
  • Red meat.

This is timely because these three categories of food very popular with cats.

Proteins in the cat’s diet: how much are needed?

Whatever diet you give your cat, it must always be adapted, very high quality, and sufficiently rich in protein even if the domesticated cat is no longer fed today as it was several thousand years ago and its metabolism has changed over time.

The recommended dosage is of 5 to 8 g of protein per kilogram of body mass per day. Thus for a 3 kg cat, this represents between 15 and 25 g and for a large cat of 7 kg, between 35 and 56 g of protein. Be careful, we are not talking about obese cats whose body mass is too excessive.

Thebring in protein should preferably be spread over 24 hours. We therefore provide the little feline with a food dispenser so that he can access it at leisure and enjoy perfectly protected food.

The proportion of proteins is quite difficult to determine when you prepare yourself the household food that you want to give to your little companion. We can easily rely on croquettes or to wet food commercial, industrially developed, type Premiumbecause they are perfectly balanced. But the condition is to choose cat food because its ration must be partly composed of meat rich in proteins of animal origin.

So no question of putting kitty on a vegetarian diet or giving him only Vegan croquettes! Moreover, the hunting instinct is still present despite the ultra domestication of this little feline, and if it pushes the kitten to hunt prey such as birds and rodents, it is to be able to meet its great needs in protein.

Finally, you should know that the cat’s kidneys are not more “tired” if the animal benefits from a diet rich in protein. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that dies hard because so many cat owners are still convinced of it. However, no scientific study has ever shown that this rumor is founded.

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