The public service is moving further and further away from the way businesses operate

The ETHIC movement (Independent Human Size and Growth Companies) is surprised that the State is such a bad HRD ignoring the elementary basics of management.

Indeed, the nine civil service trade unions, public employers and their ministry have signed a framework agreement providing for 3 days of teleworking per week. Under certain conditions, officials can stay three months without returning to the office!

Civil servants benefit from an additional allowance of 2.5 euros per day with a maximum of 220 euros per year and the equipment necessary for teleworking.

In addition, the civil servant is compensated in the event of a commuting accident if, by teleworking (And if he goes to the hairdresser ?!), he drops off or picks up his children, goes to a third place to work or if he leaves. returns to its usual catering location.

On the other hand, we should be delighted that the employers’ organizations and trade unions have decided on a completely different agreement in the private sector.

The private sector will not impose recommendations on employers. The decision to set up teleworking belongs to each company manager and his team according to his activity and his needs. Common sense !

At a time when the question arises of the necessary reform of the public service aligned with the efficiency of the private sector, we are stunned by this new “fashion”.

For example, between the Town Hall secretary and the tax adviser, what will happen with these three days of physical absence from the workplace?

The absurdities in the management of the public service concern us all because it is financed by each of us and we suffer the advantages and often the disadvantages. The clients that we are are the hostages of this above all permissive human management! »: Declares Sophie de Menthon.