The Quarter Horse: all you need to know about this breed of horse

The Quarter Horse is a magnificent horse native to America. It is one of the oldest races on this continent. Tough and very versatile, the Quarter Horse is also quick in quarter mile sprint races. This detail is also at the origin of its name. We have known this horse since the 16th century. It has long been used by cowboys in western riding and is used in the United States in several other disciplines.

History of the Quarter Horse breed

This horse is the result of various crosses during its history dating back to the early 1660s. Initially, the settlers wanted fast horses that would be able to win very frequent races. Horses imported from Spain are then crossed with English horses. This mixture became the breed of ” Celebrated American Quarter Running Horse “. From the 18th century, Europe greatly appreciated horse racing. A breeder from Virginia crosses a mare with the descendant of an English Thoroughbred stallion. This horse is very fast and robust. It is then used to conquer the American West. Currently the Quarter Horse originated from a cross with the Mustang of Mississippi.

Quarter Horse morphology

The Quarter Horse has a proud head. The forehead of its rather small and conical head is quite broad. The ganaches are pronounced and his eyes are large, set apart and very lively. Its muzzle is concave and the ears are small. Its long, supple neckline is both thin and tied high enough. The body of this horse is compact, its back short and its chest quite wide. Very muscular, her hindquarters are quite massive, but very powerful and her musculature is prominent. Her legs are strong with very muscular thighs and her feet are considered small compared to her good size.

Quarter Horse character and behavior

The Quarter Horse is characterized by a very affectionate. In addition, it is very clever and extremely lively. His mind is thus exceptional. At a time docile and cooperative, this horse shows calm, because it is also very sociable. Bred for over 300 years to be fast over short distances, the Quarter Horse is tough and sprinter. It could be used for races, but also for a ranch or family walks thanks to its exceptionally gentle character. Calm and obedient, this horse can also lead cattle. It is therefore possible to have a child on the back without fear of major danger.

The health of the Quarter Horse

The Quarter Horse is a rustic horse living outdoors. It requires very little maintenance, but it should be groomed regularly especially when its dress is light. He must also see a farrier to check and change his irons if necessary. An equine osteopath and a dentist are two more specialists to consult regularly.

Uses of the Quarter Horse

This horse is excellent in western riding integrating cutting, reining, trail or even western pleasure. Recall that western riding was developed in American West in the 19th century to be a working cowboy riding on the ranches to guide cattle. Currently, it is competitive and leisure riding. The Quarter Horse is also used today for hiking and various walks. In the USA, it is also used in classic riding and show jumping or even in speed race like the “All American Futurity” endowed with several million dollars generating very large sums of money because of multiple bets.

The Quarter Horse in France

In our country, the Quarter Horse was not known until 1984. It is an association, the AFQH or the French Quarter Horse Association founded in 1981 and recognized in 1984 which makes this breed known in the country. In 1985, 15 Quater Horses worth $ 225,000 were exported to France. This horse is then bred in our territory. In 2007, there were 5,000 and 8,400 in 2014. We are now the fifth country in the world to have so many Quarter Horses on our soil.

Whether you want to acquire a Quater Horse to make it a walking companion or a racehorse, know that it will cost you from 3,000 to 15,000 € to acquire this horse. In all cases and whatever its destination, the Quater Horse is at the same time kind, rustic, intelligent and very reliable horse.

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