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A few minutes from Bordeaux, the North Gironde is made up of charming little villages. There are many houses for sale in Haute-Gironde and the market is flourishing. The strengths of this area explain such attractiveness. Here are the reasons to buy in this area.

The typical stone house or more contemporary

Municipalities like Saint-André de Cubzac or Pugnac are characterized by properties for all buyer profiles. The stone house appeals to buyers looking for an authentic property. Longères are indeed happy and houses for sale of this type are negotiated at low prices.

The houses for sale in Gironde are also multiplying at the same time as the evolution of the population in these small towns. Less expensive than Bordeaux, individual houses and subdivisions are developing with multiple houses for sale in the North Gironde. The quality of life attracts families who quickly become buyers in these municipalities.

Rising prices for houses for sale in Gironde

In North Gironde, the average price per square meter is only 1,645 euros. While it reaches 4,000 euros for the Bordeaux conurbation, looking for property in the surrounding municipalities is very wise. Becoming a homeowner by halving the cost of your home is a great opportunity.

Thanks to this alternative, the financing request will have a better chance of being accepted. When approaching a bank, you maximize your chances of getting a deal with a lower budget for that acquisition. Access to property will therefore no longer be a dream but may become reality. A real estate agency in Saint-André de Cubzac will show you great sales offers in this part of the Gironde.

A house for sale for all buyer profiles

For budget reasons, buyers tend to move away from the Bordeaux conurbation. Due to the saturation of the market, prices in this great city keep rising. The town of Saint-André de Cubzac quickly emerged as the best alternative. With the A10 motorway nearby, this town is only 15 minutes from Bordeaux. Everyone who works there is looking for a hosting solution that suits them. The North Gironde has opportunities which correspond to many buyer profiles.

For the city of Blaye, the nuclear power plant creates many jobs. The staff are therefore looking for a place to live nearby so that they can get there quickly every day. With a particularly affordable price per square meter, this municipality also has serious advantages.

Strong points to consider for a house for sale North Gironde

Saint-André de Cubzac has found its audience thanks to its nearby A10 motorway. Reaching Bordeaux only takes 15 minutes. The municipalities that are located around this road axis therefore have many advantages.

Blaye, for its part, takes advantage of the D 137 departmental. Cavignac in turn takes advantage of the national 10. Thanks to these roads, Bordeaux is only 45 minutes away.

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