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There is no free crisis. There is nothing free in this world. There is nothing that we do not pay.

The real question, the one you always have to ask yourself, is who will pay, when will they pay and how they will pay.

One way is in a nutshell. Restructuring.


A word that we will see often, more and more often, and a word with often very unpleasant consequences.

Company restructuring which inevitably ends in layoffs.

Restructuring of the debt of the States which inevitably end in defaults on debts, the ruin of savers, the rise in taxes and taxation without forgetting that of unemployment and precariousness.

So I give you here the vision of the G30, this committee of great international mamamouchis who enlighten the leaders in power by explaining to them what to do.

There are many fascinating things in this report, which is quite well done, and which does not bode well for a bright future. It must be said, that there is never anything free in life, and that free money does not exist.

Everything ends up paying off. The real question is who will pay and when?

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Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !

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