The second debate between Trump and Biden was canceled

The US Presidential Debate Committee has just canceled a second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden after Mr. Trump refused to participate in the online debate.

Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden had a fierce speech that lasted for 90 minutes on the evening of September 29. Photo: AFP

CNN TV channel quoted presidential debate organizers as saying the cancellation of the second debate between current Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic representative, former Vice President Joe Biden, is decisive. culminated after 48 hours of angry talks between the US Presidential Debate Committee and the campaign team of the two sides. Thus, the third debate between Trump and Biden in Nashville on October 22 could be the last face-to-face contest between the two candidates.

“There is clearly no debate between the two presidential candidates on October 15 and the Presidential Debate Committee will focus on preparing for the final debate scheduled for October 22,” the Committee said. debates said the president in the recent announcement.

The US Presidential Debate Committee on October 8 announced that, because Mr. Trump tested positive for Covid-19, the debate between Trump and Biden, which was planned in Miami, would be held on duty. online.

However, Mr. Trump argued that he refused to argue online, and confirmed that he would not be present at the online debate.

While, Andrew Bates, Joe Biden’s campaign spokesman, also quickly confirmed they agreed to the online debate on October 15. Andrew Bates said, raw Vice President Biden wanted to prove his anti-epidemic stance to help the Americans overcome the Covid-19 pandemic, restore the leadership of America and its allies around the world; at the same time bringing the American people together.

“It’s a shame that Donald Trump flips through the first debate when voters want to ask questions, but it’s not surprising,” Andrew Bates said.

In response, Trump’s campaign representatives issued three statements aimed at pressing the US Presidential Debate Committee and the Biden side to agree to participate in the debate directly. Trump’s side confirmed that they were ready to back down a week The second debate took place on October 15 to October 22 and then moved the third debate to October 29, just days before the US presidential election on November 3.

However, the Biden side rejected the proposals and Biden’s campaign spokeswoman Kate Bedingfield said that Donald Trump has no right to impose a controversial schedule, but it is the job of the Committee. US presidential debate.

The talks between the US Presidential Debate Committee and Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s campaign representatives, which entered October 9, have not shown positive signals and the possibility of holding the presidential debate for the first time. 2 in Miami is low.

“To be fair it looks like the presidential debate in Miami will be canceled,” the source familiar with CNN said. “I don’t think there will be any move by either side for the second Miami debate to be held,” the source added.

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