The series of Trump’s policies could be reversed the day Biden takes office

The series of Trump’s policies could be reversed the day Biden takes office

US President-elect Joe Biden plans to sign dozens of executive decrees and submit influential bills to Congress in the early days of White House.

US President-elect Joe Biden. Photo: AFP

The move is to overwhelm and abolish important policies that Donald Trump has enacted on immigration and climate change, and increase the US government’s ability to respond to the crisis. Covid-19 panic. President-elect Joe Biden will officially take office on January 20 (US time).

Below are the policy moves that the Joe Biden administration could adopt, hReuters news agency compiled from an interview with some of Biden’s advisers and campaign commitments as well as recent revelations by the upcoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain.

For the Covid-19 pandemicThe Biden administration will seek to promote a $ 1,900 billion fiscal stimulus package to speed up the distribution of Covid-19 vaccine in the US, while at the same time providing financial support to the millions of Americans affected by pandemic.

The mandatory wearing of masks is required at government offices / buildings, on aircraft and buses.

– Renewal of grants for federal student loans and an extension of deportation orders.

– Signing an executive ordinance that helps schools and businesses reopen safely, expands Covid-19 testing, and establishes clearer public health standards.

– Direct federal agencies to immediately deploy economic assistance to working families severely affected by the epidemic.

– Rejoin the United States in the World Health Organization (WHO). Previously President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the organization on charges that WHO did not effectively monitor the Covid-19 pandemic.

About climate changeThe Biden administration is expected to return the US to the Paris Agreement on climate change – a non-binding agreement between nearly 200 countries five years ago, to avoid the worst effects of the variable. climate change. In 2016, President Trump vowed to withdraw the US from the agreement. By November 2020, the US officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Re-enable methane pollution limits for oil operations that were previously abolished by President Trump.

– Introduce a federal government procurement program that spends $ 500 billion a year to drive facilities / agencies to use more clean energy and purchase zero-emission vehicles.

– Prohibit new oil and gas exploitation activities in public lands and territorial waters, including the National Arctic Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).

– Canceling the license for the Keystone XL oil pipeline worth 9 billion USD to transport oil from Canada to the US.

Regarding immigration policy, the Biden administration is expected to lift travel bans from certain Muslim-majority countries.

– Submit to the US Congress an immigration bill that has a far-reaching impact on American society, especially can legalize millions of immigrants in the US without a permit.

– Restoration of the program benefits “those embracing the American dream,” who were illegally brought to the United States as a child and residing in the country.

– Reversed Mr. Trump’s policy of separating immigrant parents from their children in the border area, including ending the prosecution of parents for violating minor immigration regulations and prioritizing reunification for any child separated from home.

Put an end to Mr Trump’s national emergency of allowing the use of federal funds from the Department of Defense to build a wall along the border between the US and Mexico.

– Request immediate consideration for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) – a program that provides temporary legal status for certain immigrants in the United States who cannot find safe residency on the land their country due to violence or natural disaster.

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