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Intelligent and lively, the Pyrenean Shepherd will delight children for their games. It has previously been used as a herd keeper and guide before becoming the quintessential pet today.

Characteristics of the Pyrenean Shepherd

Under the name Berger des Pyrénées, there are two breeds: the long-haired Pyrenean Shepherd and the short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd. These two breeds exhibit roughly the same physical characteristics. They have a fairly triangular head and floppy, flat, short ears. The expressive eyes are almond shaped and dark brown in color. The long-haired Pyrenean Shepherd Dog has a smooth, slightly wavy and long coat, of course. The dress can be black, gray or fawn. The Short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd Dog reveals a head covered with fine, short hair, which distinguishes it from its counterpart. He also has a shorter body than the long-haired one.

  the long-haired Pyrenean Shepherd and the short-faced Pyrenean Shepherd

History of the Pyrenean Shepherd breed

The origins of the Pyrenean Shepherd are not well known. It is said to be one of the oldest breeds of French shepherds. It would come from the Pyrenean foothills where it was used mainly as a herding dog. Outside of this region, this breed is not very well known. Even today, it is a dog considered rare. Note that until today, we have not yet managed to find real traces of the existence of this breed. It is said that its first illustration dates back to the 19th century, on a painting by Alfred Dartiguenave. It is also reported to have been used by troops during WWI. The standard was first established in 1920.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Pyrenean Shepherd

No need to consider adopting a Pyrenean Shepherd if you live in a small apartment. Since it is a ball of energy, it needs at least a garden to be able to expend itself. As it is a country dog, it will prefer to evolve in the great outdoors even if it can also adapt to a city lifestyle. Its dynamism makes it perfect to be a playmate for children. The Pyrenean Shepherd Dog is also loyal, intelligent and strong-willed. Be careful, however, to educate him from an early age in order to channel him and develop his sociability with other animals. This education should be based on a balanced mix of affection and firmness. Note that the Pyrenean Shepherd is also a great athlete and can practice activities such as cani-cross or agility.

Diet and main health problems of the Pyrenean Shepherd Dog

The Pyrenean Shepherd is a very robust animal which is not easily subject to diseases provided it is offered a balanced diet and regular physical exercises. He lives on average 14 years and can even reach 17 years. As he is very energetic, it will be necessary to think about giving him rich foods, not too fatty nor too sweet. Its food can be industrial or homemade with a high protein intake.

Price of a Pyrenean Shepherd dog or puppy

  • Male Pyrenean Shepherd Price: € 1,500
  • Female Pyrenean Shepherd Prize: € 1,300

Photo credit: Ulyssebleu n ° 2