The smartphone more and more used for administrative tasks

Present for ten years in our pockets, the smartphone is increasingly supplanting the computer in daily tasks, including administrative tasks.

Using your smartphone for your taxes

Latest example: taxes. If you haven’t already downloaded it to your phone, check out the Impot.gouv mobile application. Its new version should really make your life easier.

Already, it is far from negligible, but you can identify yourself with your fingerprint or face, for compatible phones. Just like with a banking app. Inside, all your taxes and associated documents are available: property or housing taxes, income tax, everything is there: and you can even pay online, for those who are not paid monthly.

Consult your declaration on your smartphone

Finally, and this is the main novelty in my opinion, from this year, you will be able to view your pre-filled tax return on your phone. If everything is correct and complete, with a click of the thumb, you can validate it.

All is not yet perfect, however: to write to your tax inspector, you will still have to go through a computer. Same thing for changing your 2020 tax return.