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He is the king of small rodent hunting. This Dutch Griffon as it is also nicknamed is an ancient breed that experienced its revival in the 1970s after being nearly wiped out during World War II. Today, he is used exclusively as a companion dog.

Characteristics of the Smous of the Netherlands

Don’t expect to see a big dog. The Dutch Smous is a fairly small breed. Its size index varies from 35 to 40 cm for females and between 37 and 42 cm for males. The weight is approximately 10 kg. The animal shows a lot of agility and is neither rude nor slender, but displays strength and vigor. Its kidney is arched, its back is muscular, its chest is slightly lowered and broad while its croup forms a marked musculature. The dog is recognizable by its short and broad head. The skull is convex and the stop is clearly visible. The animal wears thin lips, a strong muzzle and a black nose of good width. The eyes are round, large and dark. They express liveliness and softness and are marked by a black halo eyelid. The ears are thin, small and set high. The Smous from the Netherlands has a long wire coat with a shaggy appearance that reinforces the rustic character of the animal. The dress is unicoloured yellow, a color that can be declined in different variations.

History of the Smous breed from the Netherlands

This yellow dog from the Netherlands has very ancient origins, but it was not until the 19th century that it began to be talked about. It is a breed used by the crews of coachmen to accompany them during their travels. The Smous of the Netherlands was installed in the stables, because its role was to hunt mice, rats and other harmful rodents. His ancestor is the yellow Shauzer, a dog sold to visitors to markets in Amsterdam. To avoid confusion with the Brussels Griffon, he will then be baptized “Smous”. The breed was popular and its standard was even established early on since it was made in 1905. Sadly, WWII nearly wiped out the entire population of Smous. Without the intervention of a few passionate breeders in the 1970s, it would no longer have existed today.

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Dutch Smous

The Smous of the Netherlands is a comfortable pet. He is comfortable everywhere, shows love for his owners and shows sympathy. It will be able to accompany its owners everywhere without causing them trouble because of faulty behavior. The Smous is a very balanced dog enjoying the company of children. Due to its small size, living in an apartment will not pose too many problems, but it will have to be taken out regularly so that it can let off steam.

Diet and main health problems of Smous in the Netherlands

No health problem specific to Smous is recognized. This breed will live as long as possible as long as they eat well and exercise.

Price of a dog or puppy of the Smous breed from the Netherlands

  • Smous price of the Netherlands male: n / a
  • Smous price of the Netherlands female: nc

Photo credit: Zepp Web

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