The State rejects the idea of ​​taxing savings! For now and they have thought about it !!! – EconomyMorning

You probably know the parable of the talents in the Gospels. What did you do with the talents you received from the Lord?

In economics, the same could be said of the State by asking it what have you done with the billions that you have been taxing the French for decades? This trivial question of the Yellow Vests which has never received an answer: Where does our money go?

They are greedy.

They never have enough.

They always need more.

Endlessly more.

Opposite, there is less and less.

Always less.

Fewer trains.

Fewer teachers.

Fewer cops.

Fewer doctors, dentists, or nurses.

Less of everything but still more taxes.

What have you done with our talents?

In this taxing madness which animates our less and less kind and sympathetic mamamouchis, here is “the state press” which title, reassuring like Nice Matin for example (source here):

French savings will not be taxed

What a victory is not it?

It’s reassuring, it’s beautiful.

With us impertinent, we are not naive.

First we knew that they really wanted to do it, but above all … it shows in the form of a confession that they had thought about it, so hard, that they studied this very seriously. possibility.

Don’t be too reassured.

We were promised that there would be no vaccination passport, but we are moving towards a “vaccination pass” which will be exactly the same with vaccines of which we know so little about the long-term effects, and with doubtful effectiveness on the variants present, but especially to come …

So for the moment, savings will not be taxed, because it is already largely taxed and succeeding in setting aside in this country is still an obstacle course!

But the debate will return to the front of the stage, and this is the reason why you must adopt heritage strategies in which we must protect the assets from the hooked hands of our birds of prey at Bercy and the ministries.

They exist, they are legal, and I will give you the precise point in the Strategies letter of March.

Stay tuned.

It is already too late, but all is not lost. Prepare yourselves !