The tart à Tain, Macron’s indigestible cake – economy

Warning. Violence is never good, you shouldn’t hit the president, but the non-violent that I am will also tell you that you shouldn’t hit your neighbor in general either, etc. You have to say it so let’s say- the, but to say that it is the degree 0 of analysis and reflection, so above all let’s start to think a little to understand what is happening and what is going to be played out. In particular the dynamics of violence and revolutions.

To explain, to think, is not to justify, it is not to endorse, it is to analyze why what has just happened, will be reproduced and amplified, the same causes causing the same effects.

Yesterday the president was slapped during a walkabout which still seems very thin on the crowd side. Generally, this kind of “crowd” of 10 people filmed in close-up and handpicked, especially since the movement of the Yellow Vests our young president before, by force of circumstances, run in front of the people. Do not see any pleasure on my part. No joy. It is obviously very serious and that the President of the Republic arouses such a rejection is even more dramatic and saddening. The investigation will tell us or not, how this “opponent” was able to get there.

What is happening is serious, and it is not for lack of warning of the muffled and immense anger which is mounting in the country.

A “three-bladed” anger.

A dull anger.

Black anger.

Let the political class not be mistaken.

Behind this man, millions of French people have “slapped” by proxy both this president and this republic.

Anger is three-pronged. Deaf. Black, and above all, the anger is massive.

Anger is the majority.

I tell you otherwise, it is the visceral idea of ​​France which does not want to die and can no longer bear to see itself die.

Mitterrand would have said it is the telluric forces.

We cannot stop the unleashing of telluric forces.

Once said that to slap the president is to slap the republic, let’s think about it.

It’s been many years that I quote in each editorial the sentence of JFK. “By wanting to stifle peaceful revolutions, we make violent revolutions inevitable.” It is not a coincidence. It has been several years since what is happening today was very easily predictable from an analytical point of view.

President Macron is not a legitimate president in people’s hearts and there are very rational explanations for that like it or not.

He was elected, he is legally legitimate, but unknown a few months before, mounted in mayonnaise by a system and the media, the right wing eliminated by the Fillon affair, Macron, “weighs” at best only 20%, without a party, without a real electoral base. To sum up, in the minds of millions of our fellow citizens and I would even say of the majority of our fellow citizens on the right and on the left, it is the result of a media coup.

He implemented a policy harmful to the interests of the people.

He provoked many times both in his language excesses and in his acts such as the terrible photos of the 2018 music festival or his walk in Saint-Martin.

He deliberately destroys what makes the great office to reduce it to the post of governor of a European province in the United States of Europe. ENA, prefectural, privatization of flagships of the industry etc …

He explained to some that they were less than nothing, or “not much”.

When our most deserving fellow citizens, working a lot for very little, those of the second line who have occupied the roundabouts by millions, the whole of Paris has despised, outraged and insulted them.

To sum up, in the minds of millions of our fellow citizens and I would even say of the majority of our fellow citizens, he is there not for the good of the nation but for the good of a small number and of a caste of which he represents. the interests. He is seen as a gravedigger of the nation. He is seen as the man of the men of the shadows who ruin the country.

They sincerely believe they represent, embody and defend the country much more than the one which is the tenant of the Elysee Palace and which is considered to a large extent as a usurper.

The squeaker ball can resume as a necessary and agreed mantra that by slapping Macron it is the Republic that we slap, I can assure you that from an analytical point of view, a revolution which brings down an established order will , necessarily by definition destroy the established order, so to protect the “Republic”, it will be necessary to find arguments of another caliber to be credible.

BFM can say that the Yellow Vests are conspirators who destroy the republic, not a single one of them thinks at a single moment to threaten this republic. Better still, they think they are its true defenders.

The hiatus is therefore total between leaders and leaders.

They have not been understood, I said.

So they say, “I hate you, get it? “.

After several months of Yellow Vest, union and other protests and propaganda, the government has done two things.

Communication and repression.

Tour de France, great blablablabla debate.

Dozens of disaffected and broken mouths.

The police became a militia because they no longer carried out the essential maintenance of order, but the maintenance of power.

The resolution of the crisis had to be political. A great man would have handed in his mandate. He would have left.

They wanted to stay.

They want to pick up the reforms where they left off.

Better, they want to reduce Mélenchon, to bring up Marine le Pen, because it is exactly the strategy of the petty divide and reign policy. Once the Mélenchon and LFI have been destroyed and reduced, we will reduce and destroy Marine le Pen, we will even try to push a dissident candidacy from Zemmour who knows, then we will be elected again in 2022 with 50.1% of the vote on the smoldering remains of a shaky Republican front to continue without real representativeness a policy that the vast majority of the people of this country of all colors, origins, and religions together refuse .

“By wanting to stifle peaceful revolutions, we make violent revolutions inevitable”

Our country has just passed through trying months, and more awaits us. Economically, but also health because, even if we do not tell you, nothing is finished, but also political. Deconfinement and the return to a more normal life will be accompanied by great outbursts, again predictable. Summer is likely to be very hot.

If we want to prevent our country from a bloodbath and violence, the resolution of our various major crises can only be political and therefore non-violent.

The Yellow Vest movement is not over, and revolutions take several years. It’s rarely a single event on Monday at 3:30 p.m. It is a process, a movement, a very particular dynamic which always extends over several years.

This country dances on a volcano, and the heat becomes more and more intense as the pressure mounts.

The pressure of time.

The pressure of the coming hour of truth.

All those who analyze the situation with lucidity and coldness know it and feel it.

The hour is approaching and we are heading towards times which will be neither beautiful to see nor beautiful to live.

Violence is always blind, always terrible, never desirable.

Sometimes inevitable.

We are in one of those moments when history seems inevitable, the impulses of death and collective violence irrepressible.

Our society is deeply sick, shattered.

The political class should ask itself only one question.

How to heal our country?

Instead, it’s shenanigans, propaganda, lies and manipulation.

For the moment it’s a Tain tart. It’s not good. It is even very bad.

But in my opinion, this is only the beginning of a storm that will leave our country bloodless.

Greatness and political sense would like this man to be condemned for immediate appearance, and pardoned by the president with a sincere “I understood you”, a real political solution, because, for the solution to be political and to avoid violence, Macron , must make the choice, not to imagine what seems unlikely.

The biggest battle, the biggest fight is always that of hearts and love. And when it comes to love and heart, Macron is not popular …

This country is suffocating, this country is suffocated by an unbearable political and media class of smugness and well-thought, and this country will explode because it is forbidden to think and think of itself.

If you don’t leave any speaking spaces

If you don’t leave spaces for expression and thought even if you disagree, especially if you disagree.

If you don’t leave any freedoms.

If you don’t leave enough democracy.

Then you better understand the meaning of the sentence and the thought of JFK.

“By wanting to stifle peaceful revolutions, we make violent revolutions inevitable”

You can deplore the result of the violence, and I heard the squeaky concert tonight. A necessary concert, but very, very insufficient. The same causes will produce the same effects. Worst. The same causes will amplify an increasingly strong violence. No one wants to say what this slap is the name of and what it represents or carries with it.

“God laughs at men who deplore the effects of which they cherish the causes. “

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Prepare yourselves !