The Tiffany or Asian longhair: character, education, health, price | Cat breed

This breed of cat, which is moreover rare, pleases for its aesthetics and its resolutely modern appearance. Curious and very gentle, he finds his place in all families to whom he brings a presence and moments of happiness.

Characteristics of Tiffany

Medium in length and size, the Tiffany has strong musculature hidden under very abundant fur which makes the cat appear large and heavy. Balanced in relation to the body, the legs have the particularity of not being of the same height. The front ones are shorter than the hind legs. The head has a rounded top and is medium in size. It has a triangular shape and has an accentuated stop, compact cheeks and prominent cheekbones. The eyes are oblique and correctly set apart from each other. The ears for their part are large but all finesse.

The coat is dense and has a fine silky coat. The hairs become thicker at the level of the collar. The patterns and colors of the dress are very diverse.

The Tiffany is a breed native to England

History of the Tiffany breed

The Tiffany is a breed originally from England. It is the result of chance since in 1981, a Persian chinchilla and a European burmese mated without their mistress, Baroness Miranda von Kirchberg, knowing it. Very beautiful and elegant kittens were born subsequently, prompting the baroness to start a burmilla breeding. The cats resulting from this breeding program made it possible to obtain the Tiffany and Asian breeds.

The Tiffany cat that has all the qualities to be the ideal pet for children

Necessary living conditions and behavior of Tiffany

The Tiffany develops all the qualities to be the ideal pet for children and even for the elderly since he appreciates that his owners are constantly present next to him.

The Tiffany also has a quiet temperament, in addition to being gentle, affectionate and above all very curious. He shows no reluctance towards strangers. In addition, he is obedient and you can easily teach him some commands.

Regarding his living conditions, he will have no trouble moving around in the apartments. But since he can be lively when it comes to playing, it’s important to channel this energy so that he doesn’t destroy everything in the house. So plan for hours of games and a cat tree so he can climb and jump.

Tiffanie, a long-haired cat

Tiffany’s diet and main health problems

The hybridization between the two different breeds that gave birth to the Tiffany has allowed the latter to benefit from a certain vigor. Moreover, this cat is capable of living up to 17 years, if it benefits from appropriate care and careful nutrition. However, you should watch for any kidney problems. Like the Persians, one of the founding breeds of Tiffany, it can be a victim of kidney problems, like polycystic kidney disease of the recessive type. To avoid this hereditary disease, tests which must be negative for PKHD1 are carried out by breeders on breeding stock.

Regarding the diet, it should be balanced and monitored by the masters because Tiffany can easily be overweight.

Price of a Tiffany cat or kitten

  • Male Tiffany price: 950 €
  • Tiffany price female: 950 €

Photo credit: Heikki Siltala photo n ° 1 – Melanie Cook photo n ° 2, 3 and 4