The tricolor Yugoslav hound: character, education, health, price

From the Balkans, the Tricolor Yugoslav Hound is a breed specializing in hunting activities and appreciated for its resistance, endurance and versatility. It can also integrate families as a pet and is famous for its gentleness, calm and balanced temperament.

Characteristics of the Tricolor Yugoslavian Hound

The Tricolor Yugoslav Hound possesses a robust constitution which sets the tone for its origins as a working dog. Medium in size, it measures between 45 and 55 cm and weighs between 20 and 25 kg depending on gender and size. This breed wears a relatively rectangular body with a straight, well-muscled back, low withers, a strong chest, and a sloping rump. The tail curls slightly upwards and is furnished with abundant hair. The tricolor Yugoslav Hound is recognizable by its slightly convex skull and its slightly marked eyebrow arches. The stop is not pronounced while the black truffle is developed. The dog wears a wedge-shaped muzzle and strong jaws. Almond-shaped and almost oval, the eyes are set at an angle and are medium in size. The eyelids are haloed with dark pigmentation. Medium in length, the ears are set high, medium in size and hanging down. The tricolor Yugoslavian Hound wears a short, hard coat. As her title says, her dress must be tricolor: red, black and white.

History of the Tricolor Yugoslav Hound breed

It is difficult to determine with exactitude the origins of the tricolor Yugoslavian Hound. This is the case for many breeds from the Balkans. Originally from Serbia, this dog would descend from a breed that has existed in the region since the dawn of time. It did not attract the attention of breeders and enthusiasts and was even considered a mere variety of other Yugoslav breeds. It was not until 1946 that the tricolor Yugoslav Hound benefited from an official standard and a first recognition. In 1950, he participated in an international dog show in Belgrade which made him gain more notoriety. In 1961, he was recognized by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

Necessary living conditions and behavior of the Tricolor Yugoslav Hound

Although it is a hunting dog, the Tricolor Yugoslav Hound can become a perfect pet. He is at the same time friendly, sociable and pleasant. He also loves play sessions, which is sure to be a hit with children. This doggie particularly likes stimulation related to research. It is also very lively and dynamic, which is why we recommend it to sports masters. Therefore, apartment living is not recommended, because the tricolor Yugoslavian Hound is used to the great outdoors. Staying constantly locked up may promote discomfort unless the teachers are present for outings and games outside. If he lives in a house with a garden, it will be necessary to enclose the premises to avoid running away.

Diet and main health problems of the Tricolor Yugoslavian Hound

The tricolor Yugoslavian Hound shines for its robustness. No genetic disease has been reported yet. It will suffice to monitor his ear infections and ensure that he is offered a healthy and balanced diet.

Price of a Tricolor Yugoslav Hound Dog or Puppy

  • Price Tricolor Yugoslavian Hound male: n / a
  • Price Female Tricolor Yugoslavian Hound: n / a