The Trump-Biden warfare was less chaotic, but conflict increased

The Trump-Biden warfare decreased chaos, but conflict increased

An aggressive Donald Trump asserted that “we are learning to live with Covid-19” ran into a Joe Biden who dared to play a snake with the assertion that “we are dying with it”.

Incumbent US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in a speech fight at the University of Belmont, City. Nashville, Tennessee on the night of October 22. Photo: AFP

The incumbent US President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden offered stark contrasting views on the Covid-19 epidemic in the final fight on the night of October 22 (US time), in an effort salvaging illustrious voters when there are only 12 days to go to the US election.

President Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate for the 2020 election season, the night of October 22 is more restrained than the first war of words. with Biden full of chaos on the night of September 29.

But this “clash” still has many personal attacks between two candidates who do not respect each other. Trump urged fact verifiers to examine his corruption allegations about Biden and the former Vice President’s family.

This war of words is not interrupted by the robbery phase, so the content of the debate between Trump and Biden goes into more real nature, referring to many hot issues of the United States, from economic recovery, division. racism, climate change, healthcare and immigration, but Covid-19, the virus that has claimed the lives of more than 221,000 people in the US, remains the hottest issue and is the centerpiece of the campaign. of two candidates.

The war of words was broadcast live from Nashville, Tennessee. This is one of the last opportunities left to Trump reshaping the race with Biden as national polls show Trump has been outperforming Biden for months. However, the two candidates could not be clearly divided when the race to win votes in favor in some important battlefield states has not been determined.

“Anyone responsible for those many deaths (because of Covid-19) should not continue as US president,” Biden hinted Trump.

While Mr. Trump, the candidate who used his strength in managing the economy as his election “security”, still defended his response to the Covid-19 outbreak. The head of the White House insists that the United States cannot shut down businesses again, despite the new Covid-19 outbreaks. “We are learning to live with it. We have no choice,” Trump stressed.

“Learn to live with it?” Biden retorted. “Looks like we’re dying with it,” Biden added.

The White House “boss” once again insisted Covid-19 will “disappear”, while the same day There was a debate between two candidates, some states in the US recorded a record increase in the number of Covid-19 infections in the day. This is strong evidence that a pandemic is once again spreading rapidly.

Trump sees Biden as a politician with a record career of nearly 50 years but nothing significant. However, the Republican president did not outline a clear agenda for a second term at the White House, while Biden was always talking about the “achievement” of four years as President of Trump with a hook kick. to the economic losses Covid-19 has inflicted on the American people.

After the opening controversy about the epidemic, the content “clash” on the night of October 22 quickly turned to foreign matters. Trump reiterated accusations of Biden and his son Hunter Biden of engaging in unethical acts in China and Ukraine. No evidence has been provided to support such allegations, and Biden calls the allegations false in order to discredit him.

President Trump’s attempt to hack into Hunter Biden’s tracks in Ukraine’s business backfired and led to the Trump impeachment. And President Trump and his children have been accused of conflicts of interest since he took over the White House in 2017. Most of these conflicts of interest involve hotel and real estate businesses. internationalization of the Trump family.

Biden, for his part, defended his family and boldly claimed that he had never made “a penny” from abroad, before turning to accuse Trump of trying to distract the Americans. Biden hooked up accusing Trump of tax evasion and citing the New York Times investigation of Mr Trump’s tax returns showing that the White House “boss” had barely paid federal income taxes for more than 20 years.

“Make your tax returns public or stop talking about corruption,” Biden criticized Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump has broken the precedent of American presidents by refusing to publish his tax returns, but insisting that he paid “millions of dollars”. The head of the White House confirmed that he will release his earnings after the audit is complete.

Foreign policy, immigration, and racism continue to be denounced against each other by the two presidential candidates. Biden accused Trump of being “one of the most racist presidents” in history. “He (Trump) poured oil into every racist fire,” Biden stressed.

In response, Trump countered, criticizing Biden as the “author” of the 1994 crime law that increased the number of minority group defendants in prison, accusing Biden of working for black Americans. much than any other president but Abraham Lincoln during the American Civil War of the 1860s.

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