The United Nations approves a Resolution on Cooperation with ASEAN

The resolution on ASEAN-UN cooperation was passed with 110 co-sponsors, reaching a record for the number of co-sponsors since the resolution on ASEAN-UN cooperation was first introduced.

On November 23, the 75th United Nations General Assembly (UN) discussed and approved by consensus a Resolution on ASEAN-UN cooperation, with 110 co-sponsors, reaching a record for the number of co-sponsors. Since the resolution on ASEAN-UN cooperation was first introduced at the United Nations General Assembly in 2002. As the Chair of ASEAN 2020, this year, Vietnam is the country that acts on behalf of ASEAN to lead the drafting of the content and negotiate resolutions.

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy introduces the Resolution to the United Nations

Compared to the Resolution most recently passed in 2018, this Resolution has updated outstanding results of cooperation between the United Nations and ASEAN from 2018 to present such as achievements in the implementation of the ASEAN-UN Action Plan 2016-2020. , the first time the Security Council held discussions on ASEAN’s role in maintaining international peace and security in the month of the Chairmanship of Vietnam’s Security Council, and the adoption of the ASEAN-UN Action Plan 2021-2025.

ASEAN’s efforts to build a Community and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic are also highlighted. Many contents of cooperation between the UN and ASEAN have been supplemented or highlighted such as strengthening partnerships and cooperation in peacekeeping, building and maintaining; reduce disaster risk and increase response in emergencies; biodiversity and measures for the Decade of Action for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, Head of the Delegation of Vietnam to the United Nations introduced the Resolution on behalf of ASEAN countries, affirming ASEAN’s central role in promoting partnerships, cooperation for peace, stability and development in regional and comprehensive partnership is increasingly strengthened between ASEAN and the UN. The Ambassador also informed about new and prominent contents of the Resolution and thanked the UN member countries for their support in the process of negotiating, co-sponsoring and ratifying the Resolution.

The resolution on ASEAN-UN cooperation is a two-year resolution, approved by the UN General Assembly since 2002 (until now, by consensus) with the aim of affirming and promoting the cooperation between the two. organization. Due to this year the United Nations General Assembly considered the cooperation topic The United Nations and regional organizations on November 23, 2020, about a month earlier than the previous sessions, while the key ASEAN activities with the UN only ended in October and November 2020, Vietnam South and ASEAN countries only have less than a month to negotiate and lobby the UN member countries to sponsor and ratify the Resolution.

Accordingly, the Resolution has reached three records for the shortest negotiation time, the shortest campaign time and the largest number of co-sponsors compared to the resolutions of cooperation between ASEAN and the UN so far.

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