The United States confirmed the Covid-19 case of a new strain between the obscure prospect of vaccination

The US state of Colorado has confirmed that the first person with Covid-19 has been discovered in the UK, as the American vaccination against Covid-19 is expected to take several years.

Covid-19 test score at the parking lot of the FedEx Field Rugby Field, Maryland. Photo: AFP

US President-elect Joe Biden’s forecasts of a harsh winter for the United States seem to lower public expectations that the Covid-19 epidemic in America will end soon after he takes office on Wednesday. 1/2021. At the same time, Mr. Biden wants to send a message to Congress that there is a need to increase spending on vaccine distribution, expand Covid testing and reopen schools.

About 2 million Americans received the first shot of two recently approved two-shot vaccines, much lower than the 20 million Americans target, said Democratic President-elect. vaccines as promised by President Donald Trump.

“Efforts to distribute and administer Covid-19-resistant vaccines have not progressed as expected,” Biden said. With the current rate of vaccine delivery, “it will take a few years, not months, to inject Covid-19-resistant vaccines to all Americans,” Biden added.

Immediately after Biden’s statement, Colorado Governor Jared Polis confirmed that the state had the first case of Covid-19 infection with a new highly infectious strain B.1.1.7, a recently discovered strain. in the UK. Scientists believe this strain is more contagious than previously detected strains, but does not show any serious illness.

Europe, Canada, Australia, India, Korea, Japan and several other countries have confirmed new cases of Covid-19 strain.

He Jared Polis said the man in his 20s has no recent travel history and is currently in quarantine in Elbert County, a suburb of the Denver metropolitan area. According to the Governor of Colorado, Public health officials are conducting a thorough investigation, but the links of patients with the new Covid-19 strain have yet to be determined.

Experts believe that the recently approved Covid-19 vaccine in the United States will effectively cope with the newly discovered strain of Covid-19 in the UK.

The United States has so far recorded more than 19 million people infected with Covid-19 and 334,000 deaths from the virus. According to President-elect Joe Biden, in order to fulfill the goal of vaccination against Covid-19 for 100 million Americans before the 100th day he takes power in the White House, the rate of vaccine distribution and vaccination must be increased by 5-6 times. compared with now 1 million injections / day. Therefore, Mr. Joe Biden proposed, US Congress should approve additional aid.

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