The United States launched a campaign to distribute vaccines resistant to Covid-19

Tractors with tanks of Covid-19-resistant vaccines are about to leave the Pfizer factory in Michigan to launch the largest and most complex vaccine delivery program in the United States.

Pharmaceutical company Pfizer issued strict requirements to preserve Covid-19-resistant vaccines at -70 degrees Celsius. Photo: Shutterstock

The US authorities on December 11 have licensed the use of Covid-19-resistant vaccine co-developed by pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNTech Biotechnology Company. Vaccine coordinating units will monitor vaccine shipments that are launched from Pfizer’s manufacturing plant from December 13 (US time) to final vaccination destinations.

“We have spent months strategizing with officials from Operation Warp Speed ​​and the health sector on how to deliver vaccines effectively, and it’s time to implement the strategy. “There,” said Wes Wheeler, president of medical supplies distribution at UPS Logistics Group.

Pfizer’s vaccine shipments are stored in dry ice cooling packs that can hold up to 4,875 doses of vaccine. The first leg of the vaccine delivery journey in the US is Pfizer’s vaccine factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to nearby planes.

The Covid-19-resistant vaccine is kept at sub-arctic temperatures and onboard for transfer to United Parcel Service or FedEx air transit hubs in Louisville, Kentucky and the city. Memphis, Tennessee.

Accordingly, the first batch of Covid-19 resistant vaccine in the US will be transported by truck or plane to 145 locations. Familiar UPS and FedEx package delivery drivers will deliver the vaccine to medical units on December 14.

Health workers and the elderly in nursing homes were the first to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Pfizer has strict requirements for the transport and storage of Covid-19-resistant vaccines at -70 degrees Celsius.

UPS and FedEx are the top priority Space planes and trucks to transporting Covid-19-resistant vaccines in the US, in the context of a surge in demand for goods during the Covid-19 era and exceeding the capacity of the courier companies. These two couriers also provide temperature monitoring and device locations that are attached to Pfizer’s Covid-19 resistant vaccine batches during shipping.

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