The United States restricts exports to Chinese chipmaker SMIC

The United States restricts exports to Chinese chipmaker SMIC

The US government imposed export restrictions on China’s largest silicon chipmaker after it came to conclusions that it had military ties.

Photo is for illustration only. (Source: CGTN)

The US government has imposed it export restrictions towards home manufacture of silicon chips China’s largest after concluding there is an “unacceptable risk” that the equipment supplied to this carrier can be used for military purposes.

According to a document of the US Department of Commerce dated September 25 that Reuters news agency obtained, suppliers of some equipment to the International Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (SMIC) will have to apply for a separate export license. . SMIC becomes China’s 2nd leading technology company to deal with trade restrictions US after Huawei Technology Group.

When asked for comment, SMIC said it did not receive any official notice of the above restrictions, and declared no relationship with the Chinese military.

The US Department of Commerce on September 26 declined to comment privately on SMIC, but said its Industry and Security Department is continuously monitoring and evaluating “any potential threat to national security. US foreign policy interests and interests. “

With the US-China relationship going through its worst stage in decades, Washington urged governments around the globe to remove Huawei on the grounds of espionage. As of September 15, the new regulations have barred US companies from supplying or providing repair services to Huawei.

Huawei, founded in 1987, has always denied US accusations and argued that the US is trying to defame them because the West is lagging behind in 5G technology. Meanwhile, many observers, the US, is concerned that the dominance of the 5G network will give China advantages that the US is not ready to accept.

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