The US admits China is ‘ahead’ in some military areas

In its report on Chinese military power, released September 2, the Pentagon admitted that China has increased and modernized its military capabilities to the point of “being ahead of the US in some areas”.

Although China has surpassed the United States to become the most warships in the world, China has not yet been able to match America’s carrier and amphibious assault capabilities.

With a displacement of about 40,000 tons and a length of 250 meters and a width of 30 meters, the Type 075 is about the size of the US Wasp-class assault landing craft. While the US already has eight ships of this type (not including two American-class ships), China still does not have a Type 075 capable of fighting.

Chinese military watchers, though, were amazed at the Type 075’s construction speed.

Typically the first Type 075. KExcluding the time to cut steel, China only takes about 4 months to complete assembly. SAfter its superstructure was completed, communications and electrical systems, radar and paintwork were completed in just a few weeks.

The 40,000-ton ship was launched last September and just completed its first sea voyage in late August.

“Only China and the United States are capable of building powerful assault landing ships like the Type 075”, The Hoan Cau Times Chinese rejoicing when reporting about the launch of the ship. China launched its second Type 075 seven months later and is assembling a third.

Reuters graphics of the combat capacity of the Type 075 amphibious assault ship – Vietnam: BAO DUY

Many analysts view the Type 075 as a strategic weapon if China must unify Taiwan by force or serve unreasonable claims in the South China Sea.

“Type 075 will become an indispensable and new force in modern Chinese naval warfare, especially for amphibious missions,” said an unnamed military expert. Hoan Cau Times.

However, according to the newspaper South China Morning Post (SCMP) on September 4, it may take up to 10 years for Type 075 ships to be able to fight.

The Hong Kong newspaper cites military sources as saying China has not yet built the Type 075 vertical take-off and landing fighter. Some have suggested that the J-31 will be the basis for this fighter’s development.

However, the biggest problem lies in the fact that China has not yet mastered fighter engine technology. The J-20, the fifth generation stealth fighter that China has always been proud of, still has to use Russian-made engines.

Therefore, developing an engine such as that of the US F-35B will take China a considerable amount of time. That is not including the time to train the pilot, which is equally important.

Chinese Type 075 landing craft
Comparison of the Chinese Type 075 landing craft (right) and the US Wasp-class assault landing ship – Screenshot

Some military experts speculate that while waiting for the new fighter jet, Type 075 will temporarily operate with the Z-8 or Z-20 helicopters. The unmanned fighter jet (UCAV) is also an option for the Type 075.

Unlike the 25,000-ton Type 071-class amphibious ships that China has operated, the Type 075 can carry at least 30 helicopters, a non-specific number of amphibious armored vehicles, including combat vehicles. Unmanned “sea lizard” is growing and hundreds of marines.

This allows the Type 075 to be able to both conduct an amphibious assault on the coast and provide firepower to support from the air.

The problem is, according to SCMPChina has yet to finish building the naval versions of the Z-8 and Z-20. Although it has revealed the GJ-11, a new UCAV that looks similar to the US X-47B, there is no indication that the GJ-11 has been successfully tested or mass-produced.

The Type 075 will continue to receive some modifications for marine equipment and weapons testing before entering service, Xinhua added. There is no information on which fleet the new Chinese attack landing craft will be dispatched.

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