The US Congress is about to confirm Joe Biden’s election victory

US Congress meeting to consider confirming the election victory of Mr. Joe Biden

US President Donald Trump is making a phenomenal last-minute effort to reverse the 2020 election results before Congress holds plenary session to confirm Joe Biden’s victory.

At a recent rally in Georgia, President Donald Trump (left) said that the electors who voted for Joe Biden will “not be able to take over the White House”. Photo: AFP

Confirming the Electoral College’s voting results on January 6 is common practice in the United States, but this time it is an unprecedented political confrontation since the Civil War as Trump is working hard to in place.

President Trump’s Republican allies in the House and Senate both plan to oppose the results of the election, watching those who “fight for Mr. Trump” as Mr. Trump staged a rally outside the House. White.

Trump’s attempt is likely to fail as a majority of the bipartisan members in Congress prepare to confirm the official Electoral College voting results. Accordingly, Mr. Biden won 306 electoral votes, far ahead 232 votes for President Trump. President-elect Joe Biden is expected to take office on January 20.

“The most important part is that eventually Democracy will prevail,” said Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota.

As a rule, the plenary session of the US Congress will be held at 1:00 p.m. on January 6 (Eastern North American time zone – EST), two weeks before the traditional peaceful transfer of power. but took place in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic raging in the United States.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has turned his back on President Trump, is expected to deliver an early speech on the matter, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is preparing proceedings on the Capitol side, At the same time, it was a day (the day of the inauguration) with “great historical significance”. This is about “securing trust in our democratic system,” Nancy Pelosi wrote in her letter to her associates.

Despite Trump’s repeated statements about election fraud, election officials and former attorneys general insisted there were no issues that could change the election outcome. All states in the US, as well as Republican and Democratic officials have confirmed that the election results in these states are fair and accurate.

Vice President Pence, who plays a key role in the inauguration, will open the envelopes to seal the state election results and read the results aloud. However, Mr. Pence is under increasing pressure from President Trump to push the results in Trump’s favor, even though his deputy is not strong enough to dominate the election results.

“I hope that our great Vice President will overcome the challenge,” Trump said at a rally in Georgia earlier this week. “He (Pence – BTV) is a wonderful person. Of course, if he does not pass the challenge, I will not love him as much as before”.

This is not the first time US lawmakers have challenged the results. Democrats did this in 2017 and before 12 years in 2005, but it doesn’t seem like Trump’s resistance to the election results is very effective. Sen. Tim Scott, who declined to participate in an effort to support Trump ahead of the additional plenary session of the US Congress, said: “There are no possible constitutional measures for Congress to reverse results. election “.

Even so, more than 10 Republican senators led by Josh Hawley of Missouri and Ted Cruz in Texas, along with about 100 Republicans in the House of Representatives, are pressing to oppose Joe Biden’s victory.

Under the rules of the joint session of the US Congress, any objection to state vote tally should be submitted by at least one member of the House of Representatives and one member of the Senate. text for review. Each objection will be discussed for two hours in the House and Senate and can take up to one day.

It is expected that the Republican lawmakers in the House of Representatives will sign against the electoral ballot results in six states, including: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Arizona is likely to be the first to be disputed as it is the first state to publish election results in alphabetical order.

Senator Ted Cruz said he would oppose the results of the elections in the state of Pennsylvania with members of the Republicans in the House of Representatives, while Senator Josh Hawley said he would oppose the election results in Pennsylvania, almost certainly guaranteed a two-hour second debate, despite objections from the state’s Republican senator Pat Toomey – who argued Mr. Biden’s winning results were correct. .

And senator Kelly Loeffler will oppose the results of the Georgia election. It is not clear if there will be more senators to oppose any elections in other states, as US lawmakers are still strategically about this.

Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives, while the Republican-led Senate is divided over the election results and support for Trump. The majority of bipartisan lawmakers in both the House and Senate will blunt opinions against the results.

The group of senators led by Ted Cruz vowed to oppose Mr. Biden’s election victory, unless Congress agrees to form a committee to investigate the election, but this seems unlikely.

In particular, President Trump has vowed to “fight hard” to stay in office. At the rally in Georgia, Trump said the electors who voted for Mr. Biden would “not be able to take over the White House”.

Many Republicans who opposed the results said they were trying to speak up with voters back home, who did not believe the results of the November 2020 US presidential election and would like to see the houses. Legislators fight for Mr. Trump.

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