The US continues to ‘watch’ Chinese applications after Tiktok and WeChat

“It is important that this country does not use applications made in China, or applications that can take our data and send it to servers in China,” Navarro said in an interview statement with Fox Radio on August 31 (US time).

The data is used to “track and monitor” the American people, adviser Navarro said to South China Morning Post.

“It is a policy stance that explains why we are pursuing TikTok and WeChat, and will continue to follow other applications, because China is fundamentally reaching out to the world trying to acquire technology and influence “- Mr. Navarro said.

Amid an escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington, US President Donald Trump last month signed an executive order banning US companies from making any transactions with TikTok’s owner ByteDance and parent company Tencent by WeChat.

Trump also gave ByteDance a 90-day deadline to sell TikTok operations in the US or risk a complete shutdown in the country. Currently Microsoft, Walmart and Oracle are some of the US companies that are said to be negotiating the deal.

Last month, President Trump confirmed that the White House was considering banning more Chinese companies. “We are looking at other things. Yes, we are doing that” – Mr. Trump said at the same time.

Trieu Lap Kien, a spokesman for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, criticized the recent actions of the United States in his August 31 statement, saying that it was “tricks of economic bullying and political manipulation that the US for non-US companies “.

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